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Foz do Iguaçu: What to do in the cities on the other side of the Triple Frontier?

Tourists who go to Foz do Iguaçu hardly limit their itinerary to the famous waterfalls that give fame to the municipality, often also known as "Land of the Falls". Visiting the neighboring cities of the Triple Frontier is an attraction as crowded and obligatory as the Iguazu Falls themselves. Together, the three form a great circuit of natural landscapes, adventures, shopping, games and gastronomy.

Foz do Iguaçu is only a few kilometers from Puerto Iguazú in Argentina and from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. While the Argentine side has the face of a village and stands out for gastronomy (irrigated with alfajores, parrillas and sausages), the Paraguayan portion of the border is a popular shopping destination, considered the third largest free trade zone on the planet (behind only Miami and Hong Kong). However, contrary to what many people think, not everything in Ciudad del Este is synonymous with piracy.

The Paraguayan side

In fact, the Paraguayan side is rather chaotic. Urban buses take the Foz-Ciudad del Este route. If you want to save money, prefer to cross the border on foot. If your priority is security, use a tourist van, where you will have better support and assistance. There is no bureaucracy to go through "immigration" or the shaken Bridge of Friendship. Within a few minutes walk, you already notice the heap of shops, buses, cars and motorcycles.

Ciudad del Este is a city prepared to receive Brazilian tourists. Many street vendors and sellers know how to roll Portuguese, and even accept the real (like the dollar, the peso and the Guarani, the currency of Paraguay). Some even become insistent, and accept bargains with ease. Be direct and refuse.

But, as has been said, not everything in the city is pirate. There are good malls and shopping centers, such as Monalisa and Shopping del Este specialized in electronics, perfumes and beverages. Another good request is the Sax, a whole building of clothing stores, many of them designer.

On the frontier issue, there are no great reasons for concern. Unless you leave Paraguay with gigantic bags, it will hardly be stopped by the inspectors. Anyway, it is worth following the rule: each person has the right to buy U $$ 300 in Ciudad del Este. Above that, it is taxable.

Foz do Iguaçu: What to do in the cities on the other side of the Triple Frontier?

The argentinian side

Puerto Iguazú and Foz do Iguaçu are interconnected by the Bridge of Fraternity, which unlike the Paraguayan motto, there is nothing chaotic. Immigration is a few miles after the overpass, and the inspectors are a bit more strict. However, only the identity issued less than ten years, or the CNH to enter Argentine soil.

Passing the border, Puerto Iguazú's first attraction is Duty Free, one of the best and largest free shops in the world. Goods may also not exceed U $$ 300.

The city itself is much quieter than Ciudad del Este. The centrinho is charming and full of quality restaurants, concentrated mainly in Avenida Brasil (that's right!), The busiest in the city. There are also several souvenir shops, which are packed with alfajores, to the delight of the chocolatiers.

Puerto Iguazú still houses a well-structured casino, which has good machines and betting tables. The place is inside a resort, but is open to the public.

However, the great attraction of Puerto Iguazú is the iguazú Falls. Few people know, but Argentina holds about 80% of the waterfalls, and say that the side of the "hermanos" is even more beautiful. However, the infrastructure is considerably more precarious than the Brazilian park, and be prepared to face a good walk.

Foz do Iguaçu: What to do in the cities on the other side of the Triple Frontier?

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