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Foz do Iguaçu in July: Knowing the Triple Frontier!

The Triple Border is composed of 3 countries, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, in which they form a territory rich in biodiversity and culture, which encompass some relics of the natural and modern world. From the natural world, we have some of the 7 Natural Wonders of the planet, known with the Iguaçu Falls, making the border between Argentina and Brazil. In the modern world, we have the largest renewable energy generator, named as the Itaipu Binacional Hydroelectric Power Plant, bordering Brazil and Paraguay.


Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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Argentina is considered a European republic, the country was colonized by Spanish and some European settlers, so the official language most used in the country is Spanish, the Argentine capital is Buenos Aires, considered the fashion capital in the country. A legal curiosity is that the indigenous community occupies less than 2% of the total population of the country, taking into account that the herb mate, both consumed in the region originates from the Guarani. Dance and football are other cultural aspects of Argentina, according to some research the country is the largest consumer of red meat in the world. If you love a barbecue, you need to know the restaurants of Argentina, and try the famous Chorizo ​​steak.

Iguazu National Park is another important point of the country, because it houses the Iguazu Falls, few know that most of the waterfalls are in Argentine territory, which results in a spectacular view on the Brazilian side, the Park offers the same variety of tours, than the Brazilian side, it is well worth knowing the two sides d attractive. Some advantages of the Argentine side is to get very close to the largest waterfall known as Devil's Throat, in the traditional walkway, the catwalk takes you right next to a huge crater, where more than 1,5 million liters of water per second , summing up is a lot of water even.

The Argentinian attraction also offers night walks in the Iguazu Falls, known as "Luau das Cataratas" that only occur 5 nights a month, the great thrill of the tour, is to observe the falls illuminated only by the light of the full moon, already imagined that romantic , a scenic tour in one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World?

Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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Month of June:

Day 26, day 27, day 28, day 29 and day 30 of June.

Month of July:

Day 25, day 26, day 27, day 28 and day 29 of July.


Day 24, day 25, day 26, day 27 and day 28 of August.

Month of September:

Day 22, day 23, day 24, day 25 and day 26 of September.


Day 21, day 22, day 23, day 24 and day 25 of October.

November month:

Day 20, day 21, day 22, day 23 and day 24 of November.

Month of December:

Day 19, day 20, day 21, day 22 and day 23 of December.


Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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Paraguay is another well-known country in Latin America, since it contains one of the most visited shopping centers in the world. Its vast shopping possibilities attract the attention of tourists in the region, the country is considered inland, because it has no direct access to the sea, its economy is still underdeveloped because it is a small country, agriculture and livestock, are the main activities the country. Its culture is rich in diversity, the Guarani is still speaking next to the Spanish by the population. The cuisine is rich in vegetables and meats, combining the indigenous traditions with the Spanish and Italian influences.

The Jesuit missions ensured the survival of a large part of the region's Guarani tribes. Nowadays, its culture remains very peculiar in the eyes of the visitors, a large part of the population is descended from the Guarani Indians who dominated the territory before colonization.

Ciudad Del Este is one of the busiest cities in the country, after all who visit the Triple Frontier, ends up going through Paraguay to do some shopping, after all the possibility of products in place is infinite, the malls are huge, and with a great price, result and many shopping.

Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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The Itaipu Binacional is another important criterion of the country, the plant is considered the largest renewable energy generator on the planet, on the contrary, it was built in Brazil, financed by large companies of the world, being a huge structure was used a significant part of the the Paraguayan territory in the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant, which resulted in a treaty between the two countries, in which it stated that half of the power plant would belong to Paraguay, being a territory much smaller than Brazil, Paraguay, sells part of its energy for Brazil.


Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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Brazil is known for contemplating various ethnic groups during its culture, also known for music, football and carnival. The country was colonized by the Portuguese and Spanish, not to mention, the country was dominated by indigenous tribes, and African tribes brought in ships by the colonizers, nowadays it is possible to note the wide variety of cultures in the country.

Its territory is enormous, sheltering several monuments known all over the world, one of them is the Iguaçu Falls, which according to a survey is the second most sought travel destination in Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu is known to be part of the Triple Frontier, its The main economic activity is tourism, Foz is not a big city, as many think, but it is complete in every aspect, the city offers impeccable hotels, and of great quality, besides offering a wide choice of attractive, travel destination is indicated for those seeking tranquility or family vacations, the Iguaçu population is praised by all for its hospitality and friendliness.

The cuisine of the region of Paraná is breathtaking, known for its seasoning, and is strongly influenced by the Indian, the various European and Asian immigrants. Among the typical dishes are the cheese bread, tropeiro beans, pork, barbecue, feijoada, fried manioc, codfish, roasted golden etc.

The Iguaçu Falls are undoubtedly what attracts the attention of tourists as soon as they arrive in the city, the Iguassu National Park is the main attraction of the city, in which they offer various tours destinations for those who love an adventure. The place also has an exquisite restaurant, souvenir shops and more.

Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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Another very cool attraction is the Bird Park, a refuge that shelters more than 150 bird species, the traditional walk of the Bird Park runs from 1h to 2h in a quiet environment and with the fresh air of the surrounding forest, some nurseries are of observation, others are released the entrance for tourists, during the walk there are other sectors such as reptiles and butterflies, a snack bar and souvenir shop.

Tips for the July Holidays: Getting to Know the Triple Border!

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