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Stay within the terms of the Hospitality - Each area has a number of technical terms that facilitate day-to-day communication.

Each area has a number of technical terms that facilitate day-to-day communication. In Hospitality and Tourism could not be different. The Glossary is known and practiced worldwide, with much of it in English.

And you know some terms? If not yet, here are some tips of the most used terms for you to stay inside.

  • Most used terms in Hospitality

CHECK-IN - guest registration procedure at the hotel.

CHECK-OUT - hotel guest's departure procedure, including closing your account.

EARLY CHECK-IN - The guest's check-in before the time set by the hotel, which in some cases, when not paid, is charged as Day Use or extra night.

LATE CHECK-OUT - Late check-out, if not combined with guest, may incur extra charges.

NO SHOW - refers to the confirmed reservation and that there was no previous attendance and / or cancellation by the guest.

OVERBOOKING - when the amount of reservations is higher than the capacity of the hotel.

UP GRADE - situation that benefits the guest that is contemplated with a room of category superior to that was reserved.

DOUBLE TWIN (DBL / TWN) - Double room with two beds.

ROOMING LIST - bed and breakfast list by the bed and breakfast.

SINGLE (SGL) - room for one person only.

STANDART (STD) - the most common room category in hospitality.

TRIPLE (TPL) - triple room.

CHD - Abbreviation for "Children", in most cases represents children up to 12 years.

PAX - an acronym used to indicate passengers or guests, both in aviation and in hotels.

VOUCHER - contract between hotel and guest, serves as proof of contracted services.

  • Terms relating to food

A and B- Food and drinks. Area responsible for the production of food preparations to be served in the various points of sale of hotel developments.

ALL INCLUSIVE - includes all meals, beverages, and some served, usually found at resorts and large hotels.

BB - Buffet Breakfast, breakfast served in buffet.

BRUNCH - Reinforced breakfast, which includes hot dishes and is generally served from 11: 00.

MAP - Half board includes breakfast and one more meal (lunch or dinner).

These are just a few of the most commonly used terms. Now that you're already inside come and do your CHECK IN on Tarobá Hotel the best 3 stars in town! Contact our team and see our availability.