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Foz do Iguaçu Handicrafts and food Fair, Fartal will happen next month!

Fartal, Food Crafts Fair of Foz do Iguaçu is the best known event in the region, it will take place in June, like every year, to celebrate the anniversary of Foz do Iguaçu.

It takes place at the Center of Traditions Gaúcha (CTG) Charrua and will begin on Thursday, 7 June 2018 and will be finalized on Sunday, 10 June, on the anniversary of the city.

Source: Portal Iguaçu

As an attraction in this year's Fartal, we will have the Flavors Fair of Paraná, organized by Emater (Paranaense Company of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension), it will gather a great variety of products coming directly from the family agroindustry of several regions of Paraná.

Still on the FSP, the director of the Cultural Foundation, Juca Rodrigues, says "people who like healthy products and the field will have this option in Fartal, with the partnership we are doing with Emater," he said. "The idea is to make the historic rescue so that the fair returns to its origins and has its strength in crafts and food, which was how Fartal started," says the president of the foundation.

It will be four days of event, and according to Juca, the city intends to create, in the future, Expofoz, to be a simultaneous event to Fartal. According to him, the goal is to strengthen cultural tourism. "This is a trend that attracts investments, generates jobs and income," he points out.


There will be shows every day of the event, starting on 7 day with the show of the double Henrique and Juliano.

Source: Almanaque Sertanejo

On the second day of the event, 8 in June, will have two special shows: the band None of Us and the singer Elba Ramalho.

Source: F5 UOL

On 9 the performance will be by MC Jerry Smith and then, Jona Quest!

Source: Guide of the Week

On the last day of presentations, 10 day, 104 anniversary of Foz do Iguaçu, activities begin with the civic parade, in the afternoon will have a special show for the children of the Dog Patrol and the official closure will be for the duo's of Zé Neto and Cristiano. In addition to the well-known artists, many local artists will participate in the event.

Source: Short More

In the area of ​​the event with 37 thousand square meters visitors will find various food options, with a food park area. And there will still be a special area with pavilions with handicrafts.

The expectation is that more than 150 thousand people will be received during the four-day event. Admission is free.

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Foz do Iguaçu Handicrafts and food Fair, Fartal will happen next month!

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