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Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg travel bag?

Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg travel bag?

Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg travel bag?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

Thinking of you traveler, we have prepared tips on how to pack 10 kg suitcase and how to save by weight!

But how do I make money out of it? Well, in the past the maximum weight for a carry-on was 5 kg, but thanks to a modification it is now allowed up to 10 kg in the carry-on! And what does this mean for the passenger?

This means more savings not to spend too much on checked bags, as carry-on luggage is not charged and can be carried with the passenger into the aircraft!

Thinking about travelers, especially if you chose our dear Foz do Iguaçu to do amazing tours, we organized tips on how to pack 10 kg luggage without overweight!

Before you know how to pack 10 kg, it is important to follow the allowable dimensions for carrying the bag:

  • Case Size: maximum 55cm (height) x 35cm (width) x 25 cm (depth)
  • Weight: max 10 kg (Established by ANAC)
  • Amount: Only 1 carry-on bag is allowed inside the plane; but it is released on some airlines to take 1 backpack along!

Notice: If your luggage exceeds the weight it can be checked as checked baggage and will be charged, ie, charged for its transportation, and that bag can not accompany you on the plane!

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How to pack 10 kg suitcase?

Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg travel bag?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

Even if you know all the rules on how to carry your suitcase, you still have questions, one of them is “how do you pack 10 kg bag?” Or another common question “how to put coat in 10 kg bag”?

Because carrying everything you need in your handbag and not overweight can be a big challenge, so we've made this important topic for you!

1-Time to take what you really need:

In your travel planning you need to prove or be sure of what you will take, so days before you travel already organize your suitcase, so you do not have that regret of not bringing something! Or worse, in this case of how to pack 10 kg suitcase, bringing something unnecessarily is more problematic!

2- Destination Orientation:

  • Climate:

First, before we tell you how to pack 10 kg travel bag without putting anything in it, you should be advised on how it will be where you will be on your trip, after all who takes cold clothes in the summer of over 30 º C? Or who carries warm clothes in a place below 5 º C?

Believe me, this lack of information can be very harmful, because that wrong piece can be one of the reasons why your suitcase is badly organized!

So research the local weather at the time of year you are traveling! The essentials of how to pack 10 kg luggage is always to carry only what is really needed!

  • Culture:

Even the culture of the place must be checked, so as not to face unforeseen events, after all depending on the culture or religion of the place you are going to visit, specific pieces are accurate!

  • Fashion and clothes:

In fashion, to know how to pack 10 kg luggage, you need to carry those pieces that never come out of your closet is something else not to do, because believing that you will use them on the trip is a typical custom that makes you carry unnecessary clothes!

Light clothing that is not easily kneaded is another important issue to consider.

To match, more neutral clothes (white, black, gray and etc) that can be combined with the other pieces are a good choice!

3- Products in the bag:

It's important on this list of how you pack 10 kg, measure exactly what you need For the sake of products in the suitcase, so do not carry too large hygiene and cleaning products, carry only those you will use, with a small necessaire, carry a shampoo, conditioner and small creams that do not take up a lot of space in the suitcase!

Using vacuum or thin packaging for these products, and avoiding very thick and heavy bags is another important consideration!

4-How to put coat in the suitcase of 10 kg:

As we talked about, carrying only the essentials in the suitcase is the formula for success, but what if I need a jacket like I carry it?

In the storage of the bag to get more space and organization, you should put the heavier pieces at the bottom, such as jackets, shoes, jeans, jackets and more. These clothes weigh and it is not smart to put them on, after all, if you need to open your bag to move inside, you will have difficulty removing the weight from the others!

Also another tip is to go to the boarding already using the part, ie, wear or carry with you that heavier closed shoes or that thicker coat, so as to avoid putting them in the suitcase, you carry the clothes with you, but this is more advisable on short trips!

5-Money, Cards, and Books:

Just as a matter of security or precaution some people carry thousands of documents and cards when traveling around, but this raises another dilemma, is this all really necessary?

Even this question should be reviewed, carry only the cards and cash you need on time, making a correct distribution of money will help you carry less things and also make it easier if you left some of your money in your bank. and only access it at its final destination!

Books and guides: Nowadays there are thousands of PDFs that are easily accessible by mobile, so the need for you to carry these things can be suppressed by applications and downloaded PDF files.

6-Use your personal bag or backpack:

Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg travel bag?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

Not only know how to pack 10 kg, you need to have wisdom to bring all your things in other places, such as a backpack or purse!

Distribute the weight of everything that you need to carry between the bag and the bag is very useful, so carry too many heavy objects in the bag! Carry personal effects such as cell phones, chargers, camera, notebooks, etc. all in your backpack!

But never exceed the weight limitations of this luggage!

7- Use the hotel service:

Tarobá Hotel: Saving in your handbag: How to pack 10 kg suitcase?

When it comes to packing 10 kg luggage, a lot of people worry about keeping the clothes they are carrying and think they need to carry some things during their trip.

In fact, some of these things are quite unnecessary!

Because when you stay in a three star hotel upwards, you already have these services!

For example, in our Hotel Tarobá a hair dryer, something very useful for people, you already have in the rooms! This is one more object that you do not need to carry in your carry-on bag, and at the Tarobá Hotel, by requesting the reception, you can use iron Iron and ironing board to unpack your clothes!

Even if you need to buy something, at Tarobá Hotel for example, it has a souvenir shop and a prime city center location, so without going too far you can get many things your need requires!

You need to take less clothes, but don't know what to do when you get dirty ones you brought? For in the Hotel you have the option of washing the clothes, using the laundry service of the Hotel Tarobá!

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In conclusion:

Traveling is great, and saving without paying to carry your handbag is even better!

Now that you know how to pack 10 kg, you can now pack and enjoy! One of these destinations may be Foz do Iguaçu which has thousands of attractions for you and your family!

Do not waste time, come to our city and stay at the best hotel in the city center, the Hotel Tarobá!