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Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú. Courtesy transportation

Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú. Courtesy transportation

The tourist who visits Foz do Iguaçu, has the privilege of being able to shop in 3 countries if you wish (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay)! One of the best options is the Duty Free Shop of Puerto Iguazú which is between the Brazilian and Argentine customs.

What is it?

If you still do not know the Duty Free, you should know that they are stores (like shopping) of imported products without the import taxes charged by Brazilian stores, which makes them much more important.

And so there is a purchase quota that is U $ 300,00 via terrestrial and U $ 500,00 via area. These values ​​are worth every 30 days and if pass is necessary to declare and pay 50% of the surplus in taxes.

The Duty Free is less than 10 km from the center of Foz, is safe and comfortable, air-conditioned environment, specialized attendants, restaurant, rest area and parking. In addition, it has already been awarded at the Frontier Awards as the Best Duty Free Shop of City or Frontier of the World in 2009!

Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú. Courtesy transportation

By far the Duty Free already draws attention for being large and modern, inside the surprise is even better! It is divided into themed sectors with the intention of reproducing a trip around the world. The toy industry is like a medieval castle, the perfume sector represents Paris and the fashion sector decorated as if they were the streets of Venice, has an oval shape and in the center there is an Irish bar with tables to pass the time.

How to pay?

If paying by card, remember that it must be international and be released for international purchases at the bank. Also remember that there will be the IOF rate later.

You can pay with real or with dollar, but the best is to pay with the local currency, Pesos! The products are sold in dollars, in the purchase of the dollar with the real we are at the loss with the current exchange rate, but in buying pesos with real, we are out in profit! So it pays a lot to make the exchange rate from the real to the peso in one of the exchange offices in Foz and pay in that currency, believe me!

How to get?

If you are in the car, you will need the green card to get to the Duty.

But if you are staying at Tarobá, you will have free Duty Free transportation! That's right, you can contact our department to make a reservation and get the hotel agency to also schedule your round-trip transportation for shopping !!!

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