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Dreamland on Children's Day: Attractive will have special programming this weekend!

Dreamland on Children's Day: Attractive will have special programming this weekend!

Dreamland on Children's Day: Attractive will have special programming this weekend.

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Dreamland Children's Day:

Dreamland on Children's Day: Attractive will have special programming this weekend!

Valley of the Dinosaurs - Photo courtesy of Attractive

Dreamland Foz! For soon on 2019 Children's Day the attractive will make available a special program that will still have a promotion!

From Friday (11 / 10 / 19) through Sunday (13 / 10 / 19) the tourist complex of Dreamland will have a special program, where thinking about the long awaited Children's Day the attractive will make available to visitors to know some of the most beloved characters of children!

To make the kids happy, there will be the spectacular Spider-Man, the fairytale princesses, the amazing dinosaurs, and the (still out of season) beloved Santa Claus, who will appear at Dreamland taking a break from his Christmas, besides them the Easter Bunny will also be present for this party!

These dates will have lovely candy and kid's play, cotton candy gifts, balloons and even face painting! So do not miss the differential programming and enjoy to take your little ones there!

Promotion all month:

In the much-loved Dinosaur Valley, you'll have in this month of October, for residents of Foz do Iguaçu and children up to 12 years a free admission, provided they comply with the following observation:

To get the courtesy just donate a new toy at the box office, because with the collection of toys Dreamland seeks to make solidarity actions at Christmas this year!

Do you know the amazing ride in the Dinosaur Valley?

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Dreamland solidarity:

But this is not the first time that the Dreamland team has committed to a solidary action, already getting involved in previous toy collections, Dreamland has helped the Dona Chica project!

Where you participated in a day of fantasy for the children of the cancer ward of the HMCC (Minister Costa Cavalcanti Hospital) and also for children of the city's nursing homes! Bringing more joy to the kids who had an exciting day!

In addition, Dreamland also participated in the Amor De Pet campaign, which achieved the overwhelming fact of gathering almost 2 tons of feed, which were intended to be donated to NGOs and animal protectors.

A little about the Dreamland tourist complex:

Dreamland on Children's Day: Attractive will have special programming this weekend!

Wax Museum - photo provided by attractive

Going to Dreamland is just like going into a fantasy world, because there you can find 4 great attractions to enjoy with the whole family!

Travel to the Wax Museum, stay close to the sculptures of the famous, artists, actors, singers, sports stars, animated figures! Each scenario within the Wax Museum will take you close to your idol, as well as providing nostalgia and recognition of the many familiar faces there!

Whether you're a Marvel or DC fan, if you like Star Wars or Star Trek, if you like Pirates of the Caribbean or Peter Pan, if you like Jason or Freddy Krueger, if you like more Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, or better yet, if you love both choices!

Then we point you to the Wax Museum, as this is where you can experience seeing sculptures from both universes! For there is a tremendous range of characters there, both from cartoons and movies, stars that you are sure to have fun taking pictures and enjoying with your friends and family!

Another popular attraction in Dreamland is that of the Dinosaur Valley, which transmits a fun experience inside a forest with a trail full of historical animals, there robotic sculptures that make sounds and even movements, appear to make the joy, especially the children, they They love to go to the Valley of the Dinosaurs to meet the gigantic Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and the other dinosaurs, such as Brachiasaurus, Diploco, Stegosaurus, Veociraptor and Giganotosaurus.

Also, have you heard of the news coming soon in this attraction?

Dreamland will soon deploy Dino Adventure, which will bring tree climbing and zip lines very close to Tyrannosaurus-Rex!

Read the full article at: >> Dino Adventure: Meet the new attractions of the Dinosaur Valley <<

In addition to these attractions, Dreamland also has the World wonders, where you dazzle the sculptures of the most famous monuments built by mankind, have a show of knowledge and culture seeing the Leaning Tower, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Moais, Statue of Liberty, the 14 Bis and the sculpture of Santos Dumont itself. !

Finally we have the Dreams Ice Bar, where we find the largest ice bar in Brazil, find sculptures carved out of pure ice, fun and drinks are guaranteed at the Dreams Ice Bar Open Bar with or without alcohol, enjoy while enjoying and dancing to the songs being played at - 10 º C, may arrive in a few days to -15º C!

Wanting to escape the heat of the Triple Border? Then we leave you the indication of these and more ice bars that we found in the region:

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More information:

Dreamland is located adjacent to the Foz do Iguaçu Park Show complex, on Cataratas Avenue, KM 14, no. 8.100 in Foz do Iguaçu; on the road that connects the city of Foz do Iguaçu to the Iguazu Falls.

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Cover: Valley of the Dinosaurs - Photo courtesy of Attractant