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Low Dollar? Diversity of Products? Enjoy your trip to the triple border for shopping in Paraguay!

Thinking of traveling to Foz do Iguaçu, or are you in the city, but not considering taking a little leap in Paraguay? Know that some people write their road map of the land of the falls, just to make purchases in Ciudad del Este! So here are some reasons why you should reconsider this idea:

Low prices

One of the main reasons to attract so many tourists to the Paraguayan city! The values ​​of products, mainly electronics, are relatively cheaper because they are tax free! But calm, because unfortunately you can not go out buying everything you see ahead! Since purchases in Paraguay are international, the maximum limit allowed to purchase products is U $ 300 dollars per person on land or U $ 500 dollars per air way. Watch out! Purchases above these amounts are mandatory declaration, where the Federal Revenue Service will charge 50% of taxes on surplus value!

Variety of products

Not only the low values ​​that fill the eyes but also the variety of products that can be bought in Paraguay! With original products and great quality, you can find general electronics, cosmetics, perfumery, clothing, toys and beverages. With several stores it is easy to find even the most unlikely products! It is difficult to know which are the reliable stores that offer the products you need, so here are some reliable store tips for you to make your purchases:

Electronics in general: Mega Electronics, Casa Nissei, Cell Shop and Madrid Center.

Perfumes and Cosmetics: Elegancia Company, Shopping Terra Nova.

Beverages: La Petisqueira and Macedonia.

Games: Wholesale Games and Sport Games.

Shoppins and Galleries: Shopping Monalisa, Shopping Paris - Shopping China, Shopping Del Este, Sax Department Store.

Low Dollar? Diversity of Products? Enjoy your trip to the triple border for shopping in Paraguay!

(Photo: Sax Department Store)

Value of the Dollar

One of the factors that certainly influence the trip to Paraguay is the value of the dollar! With the instability of the US currency market, it tends to rise and fall at any time! Currently quoted at R $ 3,70 * - the lowest value in two months, the price is still a bit 'salty', but it's more exciting to make purchases in Paraguay and here among us, some things even make up when the dollar is higher! But remember, the ideal is to always check the daily quote to avoid surprises!

* Value of the currency quote on the day this post is published!

Various Forms of Payment

One of your questions before making purchases in Paraguay certainly should be: What are the best forms of payment in the country? or what forms of payment are accepted? A common but simple doubt! In the foreign country are accepted several currencies, mainly real and dollars. Paying cash purchases in cash is always the best option to get away from fares like the IOF charged by credit cards. But a new payment option that came up recently is the credit card GuaraniCard. With the card it is possible to carry out the parceling of purchases in Paraguay! The national card, has the Cabal flag, which allows to make purchases in Paraguay with installments of up to 12x without interest of fixed parcels! The minimum amounts of the installments are U $ 30, but are already accounted for in reais with all the included rates so that there will be no subsequent surprises! The card is a great demand for those who prefer a safer way to make purchases of higher values ​​in the country since it avoids that you walk with high amounts of money in kind!

Low Dollar? Diversity of Products? Enjoy your trip to the triple border for shopping in Paraguay!

(Photo: Image Bank)

No regrets! Perform your shopping with convenience!

Going to the Paraguayan city under a scorching sun is a bit tricky, especially in the part of crossing the bridge of friendship! That's why we recommend a more comfortable and safe option to make your purchases! Our partner, the Combo Iguassu, offers several packages of tours among them, the Iguassu City Pass, where you can travel to and from Paraguay with comfort and security, crossing the 'dreaded' friendship bridge without worry and enjoying your shopping day! Remember to bring the necessary documents so you do not have problems entering the country!

Learn more: What documents do you need to enter Paraguay and Argentina?

Eai was influenced to go and give that spy in everything that Paraguay has to offer? When visiting Foz do Iguaçu, stay at Tarobá Hotel which has a central region with easy access to Paraguay! Do not forget to take advantage of the Combo Iguassu to enjoy all that the Triple Frontier has to offer!