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Quick tips that will help you in emergencies in Foz do Iguaçu!

If you are coming to Foz do Iguaçu for work, and only have one or two days to get to know the city, here are some tips on how to survive if you do not know anything in Foz do Iguaçu. If you are coming with family, these tips are essential as well.

Foz do Iguaçu, is not a big city, as many tourists think before knowing the place, its industrial area is small, because the main economic activity of Foz is tourism, and to meet the needs of these tourists the city is complete and all the senses, with great hotels, good location, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, after all, you never know what will happen on your trip, so it's always good to know the strategic points in case you need it.

Quick tips that will help you in emergencies in Foz do Iguaçu!

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O Hotel Tarobá is in an excellent point of the center, here are some positive points near the hotel in case you need emergency transport:

  • Bus Terminal: From the Hotel you can see the flow of buses leaving the terminal, if you choose a cheaper locomotion, you have this possibility of getting to know the city by public transport, but stay calm, the city is within easy reach, the places are easy to find, if you need to go somewhere specific, ask for guidance at the hotel reception, they will offer you every possible assistance to get you to your destination.
  • Uber and taxi: the prices are very different between one and another, some people think it risky to get Uber, because anyone can work in this area, and not know their intentions, but if this comforts you, do not hear cases of complaints from this end in town, yet. The good old taxis, at a slightly salty price, offer you greater security and take you directly to your desired destination, close to the hotel there are several taxi points, which results in a quick arrival at the hotel.
  • Combo Iguassu: Combo Iguassu is a specialized tourism agency, attached to Hotel Tarobá, which works to provide you with the best experiences in the attractions of the Triple Frontier, so if you are looking for an easily accessible transportation, Combo will be at your disposal at hotel if you need!

Well, as you may realize in case you need a shuttle, you will easily find it near the hotel.

Now let's talk about gastronomy, if you want to know more about the cuisine of Iguaçu, I will indicate a great restaurant partner of the Hotel.

  • Churrascaria do Gaúcho: The name speaks for itself, and impossible to not smell the delicious food here, the restaurant serves a great buffet for a price that fits in your pocket, next to the hotel, the restaurant offers the best of Brazilian food.

We already have transports of easy access, and quality restaurant next to the hotel. In addition to restaurants, we have pizzerias near the hotel, and much more.

We have a free eBook if you wanted to know the diversities in the gastronomic area of ​​the city;

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If you need a hospital, or pharmacy, near the Hotel, on Avenida Brasil you will find several pharmacies, with several prices, two blocks away from Hotel Tarobá. Already hospitals and medical clinics, several very close to the hotel for cases of medical emergencies.

Quick tips that will help you in emergencies in Foz do Iguaçu!

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Already in cases of leisure options, such as bar, ice cream, shopping, cinema or snack bars, all are very close to the hotel. A very nice example of leisure to do is know the Guarani forest, it is next to the corner of the hotel with several animals, and birds, the place is cool, with benches for you to enjoy some of the quiet of the place. If you choose a bar, very close to the hotel you have several options too, where you can even go by foot, take a walk in the late afternoon to know more about establishments near our hotel.

A very popular place that tourists are looking for, are ATMs, to cash out if needed, this can be considered an emergency should an unexpected event occur during the trip, but to make everything even more practical, the hotel is located very close to the main If you need guidance, do not hesitate to ask for information at the hotel reception, as they will be happy to assist you.

Why Tarobá Hotel is the best in the city?

This is easy, the Tarobá hotel, offers the best prices, with the maximum comfort, always cherishing the well-being of the clients, with a wonderful breakfast, pre-heated swimming pool, bar and gym. The Hotel also offers a kids' space for kids to enjoy, always cherishing the safety of the little ones.

The hotel has undergone a resentful renovation, to further improve the operation of the Hotel, completing 41 years of excellence in service and quality in the hotel market of mouth, without a doubt the Hotel Tarobá is the best Hotel 3 stars of mouth and region. If you have not yet made your reservation, take advantage of the hotel's promotional packages.

Winter package up to 10x without interest!

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Tour of the Three Frontiers BR - no ticket!

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Low Season Package at 10x without interest!

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Corpus Christi package up to 10x without interest!

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Transfer IN / OUT;

Shopping Tour in Paraguay or BR Falls (no ticket).

Tour Dutty Free Shop - Argentina;

Argentine Trade Tour;

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And then, do not miss the chance to get to know the Land of the Falls, for a great price, besides having the opportunity to get to know the Triple Frontier, you already thought about taking an international trip, without having to spend a lot, come and get to know more about the culture of Argentina, and enjoy doing some shopping in Paraguay.

The Iguassu combo takes you to the best tours of the Triple Frontier, with the best prices in Foz and region, get to know Iguazu Falls, on both sides of the border with Combo Iguassu, and enjoy Iguassu City Pass, the package most famous of the Border, in which it takes you to the main attractions of the city, and the best, you only pay once, and you can enjoy it for 7 days, already thought incredible.

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