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Tips of what you can take in Iguazu Falls

Knowing a famous tourist attraction is almost the realization of a dream of every traveler, after all there was a whole planning for the trip to take place. I have the impression that when they are natural attractions, the emotion is much greater and it is almost difficult to put into words what emerges in each one of us. Speaking of natural beauties, Foz do Iguaçu has the Iguazu National Park where is the famous waterfalls known as Iguazú Falls.


Foz do Iguaçu has been a destination sought by many people, as we already have in this post and not for less, after all the city has much to show the visitor who plans to walk around here. But since the city's chief tourist car is the Iguazu Falls, we'll give you tips on what you need to get there.

1 - Layout

It sounds like a joke, but it's not! The Iguaçu National Park has a structure linked to the environment and this makes it necessary for tourists to have a bit of a willingness to do the trails and do the whole walk in order to enjoy the park in the best possible way.

Tips of what you can take in Iguazu Falls

2 - Curiosity

Do not just have the curiosity to know the attraction by itself, but take with you all the curiosity about the place. As many people know that in the Iguassu National Park there is a statue of Santos Dumont nobody really knows why it was there. Discover not only the beauty of the place, but the whole history of it!

3 - Cameras, cell phones or anything that takes photos

Going to the Falls is almost like asking to renew the sources of energy, so take this moment only yours to take incredible photos and especially to store in memory of a different way something that is as unique as the Iguazu Falls. I assure you that the photos will be incredible not only for the natural beauty but also for all the good feeling that will bring visitors to your Instagram feed.

Tips of what you can take in Iguazu Falls

4 - Rain cover or a change of clothes

Getting out of the waterfalls without being wet is almost impossible, many tourists come out drenched in the catwalk that takes all visitors to the Devil's Throat, as visiting one of 7's wonders of nature and not getting wet is almost as if you were not on the spot. Better to say: if you want to prevent yourself and keep yourself in dry clothes take a raincoat or pieces of dry clothes, because being in the Falls is almost like going to rain and do not want to get wet!

It is worth remembering that to visit the Iguassu Falls and the other attractions of the city, the Combo Iguassu Agency take you to all these tours in Foz do Iguaçu!

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