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Shopping Tips: Shopping in Paraguay or Duty Free Shop Argentina?

Shopping Tips: Shopping in Paraguay or Duty Free Shop Argentina?

It is in doubt whether to go shopping in Paraguay or the Duty Free Shop?

So come see this article our shopping tips in the Triple Border region, where we will eliminate all your doubts regarding the differences of the two attractive commercials.

What will I see in this matter?

  • Dollar quotation for purchases in Paraguay and Argentina
  • Which currency do you accept in CDE and Duty Free Shop?
  • Duty Free Shop or Shopping in Paraguay: Which Is More Economical
  • Shopping in Paraguay: How can I exchange products?
  • How does product exchange work in Duty Free Argentina?
  • What are the store hours in Paraguay and Duty Free?
  • How to get from Foz do Iguaçu to Paraguay and Argentina?
  • Quality Opinion
  • Survey: Investment between Brazil and Paraguay increased?
  • Conclusion: Which one is worth it?

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Dollar quotation for purchases in Paraguay and Argentina

Currently in Brazil, the dollar in reais is $ 4,26 (28 / 11 / 19), which for us Brazilians is considerably high, but did you know that in Paraguay and the dollar in Argentina has different values? So be aware of these values ​​as most stores offer products for dollars at a starting price!

So see today, this year's 28 / 11, what values ​​have been set at both shopping centers:

  • Paraguay Dollar Value: US $ 1,00 = US $ 4,36
  • Argentine dollar value: $ 1, 00 = $ 4,25

Not sure which documents to go to Paraguay and Argentina? Then go to:

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Which currency do you accept in CDE and Duty Free Shop?

What currency is used in Paraguay?

Dollar banknotes

Learn what is the limit for purchases in Paraguay! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The official currency of Paraguay is the Guarani!

But to go to Ciudad Del Este shopping, you can use dollar, reais or the Guarani themselves.

Should I exchange in Brazil or Paraguay?

Well, if you are thinking of buying in dollars and need to change, we recommend that you make the exchange right there in Paraguay, because of the tax levied on the exchange rate and here in Brazil you can receive C, B and B series dollars. D that were not being accepted there in Paraguay stores a while ago.

What currency is accepted in Argentina Duty Free?

The official currency in Puerto Iguazú is Argentine pesos, but for Duty Free you can pay in argentine dollars, brazilian reals or pesos, as you wish.

In addition, Duty Free accepts international credit cards such as Visa, Mastercad, Diners, Amex and debit cards such as Visa Electron and Maestro.

Duty Free Shop or Shopping in Paraguay: Which Is More Economical?

Magnifying glass above a wallet with cash

The quota for purchases in Paraguay will rise soon! Check it out and don't miss buying more opportunities (Photo credits: Pixabay)

In terms of economy these two trades are quite variants! That's why it's important to highlight something that can be very decisive in your purchase financially.

Product type:

What will really define the economic differences between the two is, of course, what you are looking to buy, as you will have products that are about the same price in the US. Paraguay malls and in Duty Free stores, while in other categories the two can compete and win a potential difference.

Who wins in savings when buying products?

Paraguay Shopping X Duty Free Shop:

  • Cell phones: Paraguay
  • Fragrance: Draw
  • Cosmetic and beauty: Duty Free
  • Chocolate: Paraguay
  • Drinks: Draw

Note: As Duty Free Shop does not disclose its prices on the Internet, we have no way to give a deeper analysis of the values, but as we know there are more variations that may be more worthwhile in one than the other.

Shopping in Paraguay: How can I exchange products?

Mannequins in a shop window

Look what is worth buying in Paraguay (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Are you going to make your purchase in Paraguay and are you worried about how it works if you need to change products? So check out some tips from Hotel Tarobá about this:

In Paraguay if you need to exchange the product, we recommend that you go as soon as possible to the store that purchased the product, take the invoice and present it at the cashier, explaining the reason for the change.

It's important to go same day if possible to perform the exchangesince as we know every store there in Ciudad Del Este can establish a kind of exchange policySo if you do not respect it you will end up losing your right to establish a new product or a refund, be aware of buying this policy and have no problems.

Another tip is to never go to uncredited or original stores, as they often do not even issue invoices, generating an almost non-existent possibility of exchange; to avoid these problems the biggest recommendation we have is that if possible you test the products in the store same!

How does product exchange work in Duty Free Argentina?

Duty Free International

Get to know Duty Free Shop from Argentina! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

At Duty Free Shop Puerto Iguazú the exchange policy follows the following rules:

  • 30 maximum exchange days within store purchased products
  • Provided they have not been used;
  • Be in perfect condition;
  • In original packaging;
  • With purchase invoice

For more details, please contact their information email ([Email protected]) to also detail the reasons for the return.

What are the store hours in Paraguay and Duty Free?

Open board

Come see the 7 experiences you can have in Puerto Iguazu Argentina! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Paraguay store hours:

Each store and mall in Paraguay gets its own time zone, so check in advance which places you want to visit to stay on time and not run into a closed shop.

  • From Monday to Saturday: Most work from 7h until 17 h in the afternoon
  • Sunday: Only 30% of stores are open and reduced hours.
  • In high seasons the movement in Paraguay is more intense, so prefer the most appropriate times if you choose to travel during those seasons!

In normal times, Brazil and Paraguay have 1h difference, so when here is 9h there will still be 8h, so stay tuned at times.

Note: With the new change in daylight saving time in Brazil, this time of year, Paraguay still gets the special time, so as long as it is daylight saving time there will be the same time zone, if here is 9h there will also be 9h.

Duty Free Opening Hours:

Duty Free in Puerto Iguazú operates every year, every day, Monday to Sunday from 10h to 21h in Argentina time.

Note: Like Paraguay, Argentina adopted daylight saving time this year, so at this time we have the same time zone, but on days outside this period 1h difference is also created between the two cities. So when this is 10h there is still 9h (Off Daylight Saving Time).

How to get from Foz do Iguaçu to Paraguay and Argentina?

How to get from Foz do Iguaçu to Paraguay?

To get to Cheap flights from Ciudad Del Este If you need to cross the Friendship Bridge that connects the two neighboring countries, crossing the BR 277 at Customs Brazil in Foz do Iguaçu until you cross the bridge and reach the other country, you can go with these transports to Paraguay:

  • With the Iguassu Combo: The tourism agency that provides transportation for shopping in Paraguay, safely and with all the comfort you deserve;
  • Taxi: For those seeking comfort and practicality, without worrying about paying a higher price for it;
  • Bus: There are lines that leave from the urban bus terminal (TTU), this is close to the Hotel Tarobá, and reach the Friendship Bridge, which you can cross just by motorcycle taxi or Paraguayan van.
  • Car: If you are a good CDE goer this is the most typical way to go there, but if you have never caught the traffic from Paraguay, it is better not to opt for it, because of the high excitement and the difference in transition there.

*Important* App or car rental driver: The most you can get with this transport is to reach the territories of Foz, descend and cross the border alone. Neither cross borders or bridges.

Avenue with taxis

Just as it is important to visit the places of your trip, being well transported is vital! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

How to get from Foz to Puerto Iguazú?

To get to Duty Free you have to get to Puerto Iguazú in Argentinacrossing the Tancredo Neves Bridge:

  • With the Iguassu Combo: The tourism agency that makes transportation to trade in Puerto Iguazu and Duty Free, safely and with all the comfort you deserve;
  • Taxi: They cross the border, but as mentioned they charge more for it.
  • Bus: There are international lines from Foz to Argentina.
  • Car: If it is with your car it is very important to know which documents to cross the border!

*Important* App driver does not cross borders or bridges.

Quality Opinion

See the opinion of influencer Julliana Lopes Brito, from Blog I swear about your ride at Duty Free Shop Air:

“As soon as we arrived, on the first day, we went to the Duty Free Shop Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, which is just after the Fraternity Bridge. Morgana, from Combo Iguassu, came with us, and guests of the Tarobá Hotel have a free shuttle there.

The place is very large, has a great structure and a huge variety of drinks, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, clothes, toys and a lot of little things to buy. You can freak out!

OThe prices are very good and the imported products are original, so we buy more easily, you know? I remember that there accept dollar and real, and recommend to give away a credit card, because the temptation is great!

Oh, for everything you will need ID, and only valid ID and driver license, so keep it right. I lost mine there, of course (but we found it later lol). ”

Full report available at: https://jurovalendo.com.br/?s=foz+do+igua%C3%A7u&submit=

Survey: Investment between Brazil and Paraguay increased?

Sidewalk with commerce and goods

Get to know 8 Coffee Shops in Ciudad Del Este for you to enjoy! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

“Investment flows between Brazil and Paraguay have increased in recent decades, and there is growing interest from Brazilian companies in producing in Paraguay.

Brazil is already the second country with the largest stock of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Paraguay, having reached US $ 970 million in 2018. The social and human ties that unite Brazil and Paraguay create bridges of dialogue and exchange of experience in different areas. . The large Brazilian community living in the neighboring country, estimated at 330 thousand people, constitutes the second largest community of nationals abroad. ”

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, topic Republic of Paraguay.

Available at: http://www.itamaraty.gov.br/en/ficha-pais/5635-republica-do-paraguai

Conclusion: Which one is worth it?

Friendship Bridge

Learn what are the typical foods of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Many people ask us on social networks, groups and media, what are the advantages and disadvantages between Paraguay and Duty Free, now listing this we can already imagine that you know enough about both to make a decision and decide which one is worth the most. Pity for you.

Plan your trip, list your plans, gather the family, the son-daughter, stay at the best hotel in downtown Foz do Iguaçu, the Hotel Tarobá, enjoy all our comfort, wake up in the morning make a itinerary with Combo Iguassu, where you can go with comfort and convenience to know the Duty Free with the family, shopping in a very cool and accessible and comfortable place, perhaps knowing for the first time Argentina.

Then close another tour to get to know Ciudad Del Este's bustling commerce and its many shopping options, shop around, learn how to save money and enjoy the best of the Triple Frontier trade region!

Close the transports right now with the Combo Iguassu, and make your trip in Foz do Iguacu even better:

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