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We all know what it is like to travel with a child, the vigem is always more lively, the fun ends up increasing, even when it is a date as special as their day.

Do you know where the Children's Day date came from? I'll tell you more.

Here in Brazil is celebrated since the year 1924, is one of the first countries to have a special date for the little ones, even before UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) to establish an International Day for the same theme in 1959. In 1940, Getúlio Vargas wanted to switch to 25 in March, which ended up not working very well.

Thanks to big companies such as Star and Johnson & Johnson from the United States took the initiative to reconquer the children's day party on 12 in October. Great actions started to be carried out on that date with the intention of restoring the souls of the children, even those that are already grown. Thinking of that date and the little ones, the Hotel Tarobá thought of some places that you can enjoy with your child (ren), to leave them excited and also to rest on the brake during that final of the year.

A place with bugs

The place that you can enjoy to relax and also make that distraction, is the Bird Park. There, children can have contact with nature, have the animals in the palm of the hand, not to mention the stories they can take to friends. Have a photo of a Macaw in the arm. Speaks seriously? Is not this tip sensational? Only here in Foz do Iguaçu, you get this marvel.



But if you are thinking about shopping, we have the neighboring country, Paraguay. You can bring your child along so he can choose which toy he wants. On this tour, you can rest easy, that the hotel can help you, bringing you and taking you, without risk. He is worried about the dollar, almost all the stores accept the Brazilian currency, without being committed to make the currency exchange. To go, you just need the identity or else the passport, or CNH. Remembering that it also has the value of the quota, which is 300 dollars, if you pass that amount, you have the option to pay the tax on the excess amount of the quota, so remember, one can buy up to 300 dollars, without paying tax. The best known store there is the Cell Shop, in this store, you find everything from electronics, clothes and even toys.


Still not satisfied?

Here on the border, we have Casa X, that's right, Casa da Xuxa, the maximum !!

In this space, you can find everything there is in the world of Xuxa, the Paquitas, jokes, candy and of course, lots of fun. Children of 4 years, can acquire the entrance passport and leave for the activities. Besides these attractions, there is the distribution of sweets, ice cream, cotton candy, presentations of pieces, everything that is best for that day to be even more special. Not to mention Slime's workshop - a kind of dough made of glue, which evolves large and small materials, dyes and also glitter - all to make your child even happier and happier with children's day.

These tips help me get ideas, but do you have something else to help me?

Of course we do! This place is one of my favorites. You've probably seen the Iguazu Falls, owner of an unexplainable beauty, the Quatis that can be found half way and everything that nature can provide us with. But thinking about Children's Day, the Cataratas on the Argentinian side, is fantastic for that date. The tour begins with 2 trains following in the Atlantic forest, in it, you can admire the beauties of the forest and possible animals that cross the path. At the end of the route, you will find the most beautiful view of the trip, the Falls. Coming close to the falls, known as Garanta do Debo, I know, the name scares, but I guarantee you will not regret it, it's a beauty that we are speechless. On the Brazilian side, you see them horizontally and on the Argentine side, you see them on trails and also walk over the falls. It is important to bring sunscreen, water, and if you do not want to get wet - which is quite difficult to want - put another change of clothes, protection from the sun is crucial. And also the most important, battery and memory card for the photos. In addition, at the entrance of the country, you present the documentation with photo (CNH, RG or passport), and towards the Falls. Our hotel offers you round trip transportation without having to worry. With these tips, I can be sure that your holiday will be the best, while still being with the family, which is the most important.



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