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Get to know the tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

Get to know the tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

When you plan a trip to Foz do Iguaçu you want to take advantage of everything the triple border has to offer you right? I know how it is. But how will you know what to visit, what are the best tours to do and how to go? Come with me!

Let's take it easy, there are many options for tours to do in the border region, but I have prepared here a special list of several tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do if you want to enjoy your visit to the country.

Duty Free Shop

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Free Stock Images - pixabay)

The Duty Free Shop is a paradise for those who want to buy important products with a special precinho, after all, these products, unlike Brazil, do not have taxes, which facilitates the fall of the price.

The place is before customs between Brazil and Argentina, has excellent structure, with plenty of space, which is often crowded with tourists. It has different sectors, each one is called a different city, that takes the customer to have diverse experiences, as in New York in years 30 (drinks), Paris (perfumery), Shanghai (electronics), Venice (fashion), among others.

Be careful when buying, do not get too excited because if you pass the quota, because in the case of purchases in Paraguay and Argentina, there is a quota that should not exceed per person of US $ 300,00, this quota is non-transferable.

Do not forget your documents, because when you spend your purchase, the boxes require you to present a valid document - issued less than 10 years - and with photo, as a passport or RG.

Do not forget to visit Duty Free with Como Iguassu, which has transportation to bring and bring customers safely and comfortably. At Combo you also find several tour packages for the whole family to enjoy!

Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Cedida pelo atrativo - Feirinha Argentina)

Known by the Brothers also as "The Feirinha" is a very simple place, but it promotes great trade in several products that are produced in Argentina, such as cheeses, salamis, famous stuffed olives, alfajores, dulce de leche, wines, olive oils, among others.

There is a place in the place that allows you to try the traditional empanadas and Argentinean bites, be sure to taste, they are a delight, in this place has chairs and tables so you can eat the delights on the spot, with comfort and that chance to ask for more one to take.

In the tradeshow traders accept both real and peso, so do not worry about the exchange rate, but it can take on weight if you want to give a saved.

Iguazu Falls + Great Adventure

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Cedida by the attractive - Argentina's Falls)

This tour you can not fail to do in any way, knowing the Cataratas on the Argentine side is a must see.

As Iguazu Falls is very different from the Cataracts on the Brazilian side, it has 3 trails that you can do, the top, bottom and the Throat of the Devil. All of them you go through the woods, is a walk with a lot of contact with nature and long. If you are afraid of heights will take it easy, but it will! During all the trails there are stretches that will see the falls below your feet.

The lower and upper tracks do not take you to Garganta del Diablo, to get there, you must get a specific trail with this final objective, part of the trail must be done by means of a little train that passes 30 in 30 minutes.

The ride in the Cataratas of the Argentine side has price variant according to region where it lives and age, the rate must be paid with pesos, they do not accept payment in real.

General = AR $ 700

General children (6 to 12 years) = AR $ 180

Moros do Mercosur = AR $ 560

Minor Mercosur (6 to 12 years) = AR $ 140

Disabled = AR $ 0

* Values ​​subject to change

Check out the daily exchange rate, it will vary the actual amount you will change.

The Gran Aventura tour takes you to know the Iguazú Falls in a totally new way. It makes a jeep trail that takes you through the Yacaratiá Trail, which gives you total bliss of the local fauna and flora that live in total harmony. At the end of this beautiful motorized tour, the tourist arrives at the nearby Macuco and starts a very safe boat trip, very similar to the tour of the Brazilian side, but this takes you to exclusive places like Isla Martín.

The emotion is indispensable, go from the open chest for a unique adventure and take advantage of every moment near the falls of the Garganta del Diablo, prepare to leave there with body, clothes and soul washed by the waters of the falls of the Falls.

This tour has a fee to pay which is the part of the entrance to the Iguazu National Park.

La Aripuca

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Cedida by the attractive - La Aripuca)

La Aripuca is a completely cultural tour and with great historical value. The tourist point aims to teach visitors about the culture that demonstrates the interaction and coexistence of man with nature.

The place takes in the name a trap used by the ancient indigenous inhabitants, who served to capture animals in a way that does not hurt him, allowing that could be released in the nature if it were not appropriate for consumption.

The main structure is built by trunks of 30 different native species, the trunks used were rescued from the illegal trade of wood and reused so that they were not cut with the structural purpose.

The site requires a entrance fee, which can be purchased in Dolar, Real or Argentine Pesos. You can visit the 9h site at 18h, in Argentinean time.

Ice Bar Iguazú

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Free Stock Images - pixabay)

To get away from the heat of the border, IceBar Iguazú is a great alternative for those who like quality cold and drink. The Ice Bar is a freezing adventure that can reach -10 ° C inside, many parts of the place as the walls, bar glasses, table, chairs and sculptures are ugly ice.

The attractive offers thermal gloves and coat so that your enjoyment is more pleasant and you can enjoy the good drinks in the Open Bar of the place, for the children also have alcohol free drinks, so bóra enjoy the fun.

Brook Iguazú

For those who want to fall in an international night, the Brook show house is a great alternative, instead it plays several types of music, to please everyone, especially electronic.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and very busy, excellent for you who want to meet and have fun in the Argentinean night.


Regardless of which attraction or place you decide to go to, if you go through the Customs Office in Argentina, you must bring a photo ID document within the validity, issued for less than 10 years, such as the RG or Passport.

Do not skip this step, the inspection is very strict and if you do not carry your documents, you will not be able to cross the border.

If you intend to take a child across the border, it must be accompanied by the two parents in the document. If the child has only one parent or one parent, he or she must be in possession of a document issued by the country of origin, stating that the child is authorized to travel internationally, with a notarized signature of one or both parents, in the case , who is not present with the child.

Ticket Purchase

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Hotel Tarobá)


All tickets have the possibility of being bought directly at the entrance of the attractions.

Combo Iguassu

Combo Iguassu offers entry to several attractions with more values, some embedded in promotional packages and others with limited discounts, so when you come, make a planner of everything you want to visit and keep an eye to buy the cheapest tickets with the Combo.



You can cross the Customs through the car, but you must be in possession of all documents of the same and accompanied by the Green Card, or your entry will not be allowed.

Combo Iguassu

Combo Iguassu has first class cars, with great comfort and safety for those who hire them, with excellent drivers and prepared. Check the site for the values ​​for each tour transfer.


It is a transport with less comfort, but more accessible for those who want to economize. It can be picked up in front of the TTU - Urban Transport Terminal - in Foz do Iguaçu.

Are you staying where?

Tours in Argentina that you can not fail to do

(Photo: Hotel Tarobá)

I indicate our hotel, the Tarobá Hotel has 3 stars, and provides excellent service with a lot of convenience. It is next to the TTU - Terminal of Urban Transportation -, has the agency of the Iguassu Combo and a house of exchange attached to the hotel, this allows in the transportation, quickness in the tour by the sights and locomotion through the city, besides being able to anticipate in the currency exchange for some tours in Argentina.

Liked? I hope I have helped you even more in your coming to Foz do Iguaçu and can guide you on more enjoyable walks through the Triple Border. To receive more tips and discounts you can follow our website, Tarobá hotel blog, which always has news and you can also join our facebook group, just go on the search and type "Tips tourism and lodging in Foz do Iguaçu ", there you will find us and you can ask for more tips and share your experiences with other participants of the group, very interesting, right? Run there. See you!