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Meet the 7 best decoration stores in Paraguay.

Meet the 7 best decoration stores in Paraguay.

And here we are talking again about Paraguay, but today we came to show you the 7 best decoration stores in Paraguay, especially if you want to save money when choosing your furniture.

Check out the stores below:




Surely one of the best decoration stores in Paraguay! Setga Decor is a specialist brand bringing innovation and design to your comfort and well-being. Besides having everything in decoration, Setga Decor still counts on domestic and furniture utilities. It is a real shopping mall.

With 26 years in the market, the company has 3 stores in Ciudad del Este: one in the Shopping Center Paraná, and another in the International Shopping - 1 floor.

Are you going shopping in Paraguay? Take a look around, meet Setga Decor! When to put the reform into practice, already know where it has the best products for decoration, and of course, save money.

2- Cellshop

Source: Cellshop

Source: Cellshop

Clearly the Cellshop can not miss our posts about shopping in Paraguay, so in today's she could not be left out obviously!

In addition to selling the most varied electronic products, original clothing from famous brands and much more, Cellshop also sells decorative items!

There you will find pieces for bed, table, bath, carpets, wallpapers and other decorations in general, it is worth going to have a look at the store!


Source: A & D PARAGUAY

Source: A & D PARAGUAY

The store has a huge variety of decorative products, and it is very well located. Attached to Shopping Del Este, A & D Paraguay was inaugurated in 2009 and counts on the participation of architects, decorators, engineers and people of good taste.

A & D is one of the decoration shops in Paraguay that is among the most sought after on the internet, because it really is a great choice for those who will build or remodel.

4- Casabella Paraguay

Source: Casabella Paraguay

Source: Casabella Paraguay

Always looking for desing, taste, innovation and comfort to the public, Casabella Paraguay works with the best international brands, to maintain high quality.

With the need to unite the practical and functional, with great finish, they always seek the most modern and exclusive in creating furniture and decoration from countries like France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, China and Malaysia.

So be sure to check out the products they sell!

5- MDL Paraguay

Source: CDM Paraguay

Source: CDM Paraguay

MDL Paraguay is a decoration shop in Paraguay much sought after by buyers from many places. The company has several mirrored stores around the world. The MDL Paraguay has a huge range of decoration products, among them, chandeliers, industrial outdoor, everything in lighting, among others.

Only in Ciudad del Este, the company has 3 stores:

• Gallery Zuni 1 floor, site 29

• Shopping Box 3 floor

• Shopping Paris 1 floor, location 67-72

Want to build, remodel, and still save money? MDL Paraguay is another great choice of decoration shop in Paraguay. Worth knowing!




Want a fine and sophisticated environment? Then the right place is in Class Decor. The company works with the most diverse types of chandeliers, LED lamps, ceiling lamps, washers, showers, locks, faucets, mirrors, lamps, wallpapers and more.

Class Decor is a very complete place of heart and finish, which values ​​the quality of the product and good service. Thought about saving money with decoration, this is a great choice of decoration shop in Paraguay.

Class Decor is located at the Shopping Box Outlet, Avenida Monseñor Rodriguez - Cd. Del Este.

7- Italian Castle Paraguay

Source: Italian Castle Paraguay

Source: Italian Castle Paraguay

The Italian Castle Paraguay is a shop specializing in lighting, but has the second store called DIAMANTE, which is exclusively for decoration and worth knowing both because the products are very beautiful.

Today they have three addresses in Paraguay

• Matrix - Zuni Gallery

• 1 Branch - East Shopping

• 2 Branch - Jebai Center

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