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Check out the official Viva Foz Mídia event schedule !!!

Viva Foz Mídia, a communication event aimed at academics, communicators and the entire population of Foz do Iguaçu and region interested in communication, is arriving for the first time in Foz do Iguaçu.

Viva Foz Mídia arrives in the city full of innovations and professionals in the field of communication. Throughout the event will have 07 panels with differentiated themes relevant to communication and new ways of communicating.

Check out the complete schedule:

Transportation from Tarobá Hotel to 7h30 and 8h30

08: 00 at 09: 00 - Accreditation

09: 00 to 10: 00 - "How can social media leverage a career? "

Speakers: Jamz Band and Young Nomads

The internet can be a great tool for those who want to become a great entrepreneur, or for those who are starting an artistic career. Social media is the great secret for those who want to stand out and gain visibility in the digital environment. But where to start? How to work with social media for your own benefit? How to gain notoriety in the digital universe? What are the best social networks to work on, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Jamz Band members and Young Nomadic bloggers will share their experiences in social media, and how they feed those much-needed tools to the present day.

10: 00 to 11: 00 - "How do newspapers and journalists survive in the digital age? "

Speakers: Erikson Rezende and Izabelle Ferrari

Journalism has been going through the great challenges of the 21st century, in addition to the agility of information, digital has become the reality of many communication vehicles. The news is being broadcast the moment it happens, journalists have to adjust to this new way of communicating. But how is this possible? Can journalism lose ground in this new digital era? How do journalists fit in with the new tools? What can be expected of journalism with so many media companies laying off employees in the area?

Journalists Erikson Rezende and Izabelle Ferrari will tell their experiences and the perspectives of journalism.

11: 00 to 12: 00 - "Free Ratchet: How to use social media to engage the user with leisure and travel content? "

Speaker: Anderson Meneses - Social Media Manager of the Free Ratchet

Social media is a great ally to bring your audience to consume your stuff. For this it is necessary to have knowledge, be creative and produce content that calls the reader and arrest him, causing him to look for more material from the same segment. This is what Social Media Partner and Manager Ratra Livre, Anderson Meneses will talk about. The advertiser will tell how they use social media to engage their audience with leisure and travel content.

LUNCH ON SITE - 12: 00 TO 13: 30

13: 30 at 14: 30 - "What you should know about photo advertising"

Speaker: Latifa Atari

Work with photos and make money on top of the flashes taken. Many people who dream of living in photography can work with photo advertising, a medium where the professional has direct contact with other people and agencies. The photographer Latifa Atari will be counting and showing better what is the publicity photo and how the professional of this area can stand out in the market and publicize their works.

14: 30 to 15: 30 - "YouTube: How to create quality content and success? "

Speaker: Matthew Ferreira and Caique Pereira

YouTube is the premier video search platform, in addition to being popular, the site has already unveiled several talents such as actress Kéfera Buchmann, comedian Windersson Nunes, Luba, and many other young talents on the internet. Which young man was never inspired and turned on the camera to record a video and then post it? But is there a magic formula to get so many hits? How to create different, creative and quality content? Is there a need for a script? That's what youtubers Mateus Ferreira (brainstormtutoriais2) and Caique Pereira (escolayt) will talk about.

COFFEE BREAK - 15: 30 TO 16: 00

16: 00 to 17: 00 - "How do advertising and the media relate in the digital age? "

Speakers: Neve Gois and Gustavo Fattah

In addition to adapting to the digital age, the media must have a good relationship with advertising, especially in the new ways and tools to work, always communicating with each other, this is what advertising company Neve Gois and the director Agency Creation Do it! Gustavo Fattah will speak at Viva Foz Mídia.

17: 00 at 18: 00 - "YouTuber Profession: How is it working for the largest digital video platform? "

Speaker: Permission

Working for YouTube is not always flowers, fooling those who think the life of a youtuber is just recording video and uploading it on the digital platform. Another factor that needs to be questioned is how a video becomes so popular on the internet. Youtuber Luba, will explain in this panel how your channel came about and how it became one of the most watched in Brazil. Also, let's discuss the content that it passes to your audience.

Photo session with Luba - 18: 00 at 19: 00 (Facebook lottery winners only)


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R $ 40,00 half entry

$ 80,00 Entire

Live Foz Media

Date: 02 September 2017

Open Hours: From 09 to 19 hours

Location: Sightseeing


Contact: Jurandir Junior

E-mail: [Email protected]

Phone: (45) 2102-7762 | 2102-7729 | 9 9951-9514

Check out the official Viva Foz Mídia event schedule !!!

*Ticket Includes Event Credential, lunch and coffe break at Carimã Hotel, transportation from Tarobá Hotel, post party entrance at Tetris Hostel (drinks not included).

*You have half the right entrance: students, communication teachers and blood donors.