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Shopping in Paraguay - Where to buy drinks safely?

Shopping in Paraguay - Where to buy drinks safely?

I read purchases in Paraguay? That's right, one of the most beloved subjects here on the Tarobá Hotel Foz blog, and it was thinking that we decided to make the post dedicated to Paraguayan stores where you can buy alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. What to check?

But Tarobá Hotel Foz recommends that you pay attention to the quotas, which can be brought only 12 liters of drink per person (the total of liters per sum of drinks), and of course, the sale is prohibited for under 18 years! So be sure to save the invoice to declare your purchases in Paraguay, and do not forget to bring your documents (RG, passport or CNH).

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Shopping in Paraguay - Where to buy drinks safely?

Cellshop - Paraguay

Starting the list the most visited Paraguayan store by Triple Border residents and tourists from Brazil and the world, Cellshop Paraguay, which is the best store in Paraguay to do your shopping, not just talking about drinks, but in all sectors such as toys, perfumery, clothing, cosmetics and beauty products, electronics and computer science, candy and goodies and more! Do not miss the Cellshop Paraguay when you shop in Paraguay, the Tarobá Hotel Foz recommends!

Cellshop Paraguay is located at Avenida Carlos Antonio López, in Ciudad del Este;

Shopping in Paraguay - Where to buy drinks safely?

Monalisa Shopping - Paraguay

It is a store in Paraguay that has a lot of tradition and quality in its products, always offering products of the most varied and renowned brands worldwide! There you find other sectors as well, like several other stores in Paraguay, but as we are talking about drinks, we at the Tarobá Hotel Foz know that you will not want to miss a stop at Monalisa Shopping and know the various sectors found in this incredible store of Paraguay.

Shopping Monalisa in Paraguay is located at Avenida Monseñor Rodriguez

China House - Paraguay

Another store in Paraguay that offers excellent and quality products with a lot of tradition and a wonderful service is Casa China, it is a great option for those who are going to make purchases in Paraguay and looks for a great variety of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to buy.

The Casa China is located on San Blas Avenue and Toledo, in Ciudad del Este.

La Petisquera - Paraguay

This store in Paraguay has several sectors, among them: perfumery, makeup and beauty products, clothing, electronics and many others, among them, of course, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from the most different brands in the world, wines, vodcas, tequilas and more! The Tarobá Hotel Foz recommends that you get to know La Petisquera while shopping in Paraguay!

La Petisquera is located on Avenida Monseñor Rodriguez, corner with Reg. Piribebury in Ciudad del Este.

Shopping in Paraguay - Where to buy drinks safely?

Macedonia - Paraguay

Another option of Paraguayan shops that Tarobá Hotel Foz highly recommends for those who want to buy drinks when shopping in Paraguay is Macedonia, which has several drinks from the most varied and famous brands worldwide.

Macedonia is located at Avenida Monseñor Rodriguez, 1018 in Ciudad del Este

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