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SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Samsung S8 and S8 + promise to revolutionize smartphone era

Foz do Iguaçu is considered one of the most sought after destinations in Brazil and the world, due to our city being located next to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the waterfalls of Iguaçu, and it is impossible to leave our city without at least a beautiful photo for remembrance. Some tourists travel continents to take pride in our region and prefer to take their photos with more professional equipment, while others prefer the compactness and ease of smartphones, giving preference to those who have greater efficiency, storage and quality. The leading brands in the market surprise us every year with the creativity and performance of their smartphones, as is the case of Samsung and Apple.

In March of 2017 Samsung demonstrated again because it is one of the leaders in the segment with the launch of Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 +. The handsets were launched worldwide on March 29, but the pre-sale to Brazil was dated May 12 (tomorrow!). In South Korea the smartphone broke the pre-sale record.

But after all, what's so special about Samsung's launch? ALL! The South Korean company launches the new models with the intention of revolutionizing the era of the smartphones. Check out all about S8 and S8 +, new features, improvements, price and more, here with Tarobá Hotel. Always thinking of you!

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Samsung S8 and S8 + promise to revolutionize smartphone era

• What is the difference between S8 and S8 +?


The differences are not many, but for those who are more critical, it can make all the difference. One of them is the size of the screens - S8 has a screen of 5.8 '', already the S8 + has 6.2 ''


The processors also differ, both models have the powerful Snapdragon 835, but for the international market will be launched models with option of the processor Exynus 8895.


Both models have 4Gb RAM and 64Gb internal storage, all so you do not miss the opportunity to eternalize your most striking moments.

• Infinity Display

Samsung invests in the technology of screen of the new smartphone leaving remarkable the improvements and pleasing much the taste of its public. Called Infinity Display, the name lives up to the immensity of the screen, being difficult to notice where the screen ends and the aluminum frame starts, giving the impression of being a single thing and continuous. The edges now have a finer finish, making the panel occupy almost the entire front of the device, but it does not get in the way and is comfortable for the user to handle with just one hand.

Where is Home?

The surface of the screen is even smoother, this is due to the removal of the physical button "Home", that button located at the bottom of the screen, which takes you to the main screen of your smartphone. In fact, it is still there, it is now inserted inside the device and its access is now digital. The action is immediate and the feeling of being pushing the physical button is very similar.

Fingerprint Scanner - Biometric Reader

Now the biometric leita of both models (S8 and S8 +) is located on the back of the device, next to the camera. The repositioning of the reader is due to the focus on face recognition and the iris reader, which are possible due to a new sensor in the device.


The new smartphone comes with the Mobile HDR PREMIUM label, which ensures that your favorite content like movies and series are displayed in brightness and color the same way they were designed by their directors as presented at the presentation conference.

• Cameras

The cameras have not undergone major changes compared to other models released by Samsung (such as S7 and A7). The rear camera is Dual Pixel with 12MP with intelligent focus, also being able to capture high quality images in low light environments.

The front camera has an 8MP sensor and also equipped with autofocus, to quickly and accurately detect your face, improving the quality of your selfies.

• Batteries

The batteries have different capacities from one model to another. The Samsung S8 has a battery of 3.000mAh (thousand ampere-hour), since the S8 + has a battery of 3.500mAh. Charging becomes much faster with new batteries, delivering the same performance for wired or wireless platform charges through the Wireless Charger Conventible, and you can charge your phone just by placing it on top of the device.

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Samsung S8 and S8 + promise to revolutionize smartphone era

• Samsung Warranties

The new releases were thought out to all users through suggestions and criticism from the public, especially after the vexing with Galaxy Note 7 last year. Now the S8 and S8 + models are certified waterproof, dust resistant with IP68. The handsets also feature the Gorilla Glass 5, a reference in resistance when it comes to smartphone screens.

• Data Security and Unlock Mechanisms

Smartphones are gadgets that over the years and launches become more and more personal. Taking the security of your data into account, the new models have a set of unlock mechanisms such as the aforementioned biometric reader and iris reader. The highlight is for facial recognition, now just looking at your smartphone, it already recognizes its owner and releases the home screen without the need for any other command.

• Meet Bixby!

One of the premieres of the new S8 and S8 + models awaited by the public is the new personal assistant Bixby, able to perform any function of your smartphone with the fewest possible commands, integrating the actions of touch and voice at the same time. Bixby still organizes its home screen with "cards", showing your favorite applications and other shortcuts and functions. The new assistant still recommends restaurants, tourist attractions among others, remembering also old orders requested by the user.

• Samsung DEX

The long awaited and innovative Samsung DEX turns your mobile device into a mini computer. The connection is very simple and the immediate configuration, being possible to use an android interface on any monitor, all controlled by a keyboard and a mouse. Samsung DEX is capable of multitasking at the same time, with several optimized applications such as Microsoft Office editors. And speaking in Microsoft, the Samsung DEX is very similar to Continuum, Microsoft.

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Samsung S8 and S8 + promise to revolutionize smartphone era

• New smartphones, new accessories

Accompanying the launch of the S8 and S8 + models, Samsung also features new accessories. One is the Motion-sensing Controller, a touch sensor control for the Gear VR (virtual reality glasses). Another great news is the headphones from AKG, a result of the acquisition of Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG.

One of the new gadgets that appealed to the public is Samsung Connect Home, a router that uses a proprietary service to connect all the internet devices of the household appliances of your home, allowing remote control of all of them through your smartphone.

But the biggest highlight is the new Gear 360, a camera where you can capture 4K with your 8,4Mp sensors, also allowing live streaming of 360 videos. Its new model is even more portable, being compatible with models like Samsung A5, A7 AND S6.

• What is the price and where can I find the Samsung S8 and S8 +?

Foz do Iguaçu is part of the triple border (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) and when it comes to shopping Paraguay is a great option, because it contains very affordable prices and quality products. Samsung S8 has been in great demand. The S8 model can be found around $ 840,00 that with the variation of the quotation can reach R $ 2.730,00. The price compared to Brazil is very cheap, here, Samsung S8 is announced at R $ 3.999,00 and Samsung S8 + at R $ 4.399,00. The difference is glaring, giving an average difference of R $ 1.269,00 in the S8 model. The new smartphones can be easily found in several stores in Ciudad Del Este, enjoy your visit to Foz do Iguaçu and a leap in Paraguay to acquire the latest Samsung launch.

• Which smartphone is better? S7 or S8?

Comparing the batteries of the S7 and S7 Edge models with the S8 and S8 + releases we do not see much difference. The S7 and S8 models have maintained their 3.000mAh, however, the S8 + model has 100mAh more than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If we compare the screen size of the S7 Edge that is 5.5 '' to that of S8 + from 6.2 '' we have 0.7 '' more in the new model and theoretically this would make the power consumption bigger. Tests have been done showing that the size of the screens does not influence the battery life, so you can use it without fear because it is more than proven that the Samsung S8 + has been prepared to meet the needs of the user.

Sizes also differ from one model to another. Galaxy S8 has 14,8 x 6,8 x 0,8 dimensions. Galaxy S7 already has 14,2 x 6,9 x 0,7. What is remarkable from one model to the other are the already cited inches of the display, bringing greater comfort and convenience to the Samsung S8 by being narrower.

Regarding the cameras, the Galaxy S8 has brought improvements with the front camera, while the rear differs in very little, since both have Dual Pixel technology and f / 1.7 aperture, improving the quality of captures made in low light.

Now that you have all the information about Samsung's new releases, all you need to do is decide which one to buy. Enjoy that you will come to Foz do Iguaçu and know the Tarobá Hotel - O best 3 stars of the triple border. We offer transport that take your purchases, both in the Paraguay as in Argentina, so do not delay and make your reservation!

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