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SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Special Valentine's Day with Tarobá Hotel

June 12 celebrated Valentine's Day, and on such a special date, love and romance are gaining even greater scope, and with a setting like Foz do Iguacu it is impossible not to fall in love. Tarobá Hotel has a relationship of love and affection with its guests 35 years, and this love is renewed every day when we see the smiles and the joy in each room of our hotel.

This relationship of affection and affection with our guests over the years has taught us how to make a special date an unforgettable moment. For years, several couples choose to eternalize this moment with us, and it is not only because we are one of the best 3 stars of the Triple Border with the best cost, but because we know in detail how you like to be treated, valuing even more this unforgettable day.

Thinking about raising his Valentine's Day, Tarobá Hotel has created a list of his favorite gifts for him and her, all of which can be easily Paraguay, in Ciudad Del Este, with more affordable prices and unparalleled quality. Check out!

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Special Valentine's Day with Tarobá Hotel

What do you give to your boyfriend?

The time has come when buying underwear and ties served for all occasions, men are more demanding and also less stereotyped, and can be a challenge in the gift. That's why we list 5 products that they love and were very happy to receive from their loved one.

  • Video games: is unanimous, there is no age when the subject is games, they love. The most popular consoles are the Xbox One and Playstation 4, although the vast majority of games are for both platforms (and also for PC), each has exclusive games, such as the epic game Halo 5 for Xbox One, which can be found by $ 23,90 to $ 39,90 ($ 80,06 to $ 133,67). Now if he prefers 4 Playstation, the game that is on high is the Horizon Zero Dawn, which can be found from US $ 51,00 (R $ 171,36). Still in doubt? Okay, there is a game that has no one who does not play and is available for both consoles - GTA V, which can be found by $ 22,90 to $ 50,00 ($ 76,94 to $ 168,00).
  • Technology: very comprehensive is not it? Let's specify, men generally like practical things and have a usefulness (however futile sometimes), especially with technology. So giving something that facilitates or entertains your beloved is sure he will love. A good tip is cell phone, besides being something commonly used a lot, prices in Paraguay are much more affordable. The 6 Plus Iphone 46 Plus can be found by $ 455,00 to $ 499,00 ($ 1.528,80 to $ 1.676,54). Looking for something more in mind? Right! So what do you think of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet, which can be found by $ 148,95 to 175,00 ($ 500,47 to 588,00). If you are still looking for a third option, this is the fail-safe - notebook. The HP brand is a good benchmark within the segment, and the HP 240 G3 is an excellent model and can be found by $ 277,95 to $ 395,00 ($ 933,91 to $ 1.327,20).
  • Perfumes: it is here that your knowledge of girlfriend will be tested, after all, perfume is something very personal and the taste is peculiar to every man and for every occasion. Of course some perfumes are classic and hardly your boyfriend will not like it. Preferred by them and them, the Dior Homme Intense, by Christian Dior (2007) can be found from US $ 82,00 (R $ 275,52). For those who prefer a more woody tone, the Terre d'Hermes, by Hermès (2006) can be found from US $ 58,00 (R $ 194,88). Your boyfriend is young and audacious, having to be very presentable and without losing his own style, the Paco Rabanne Black XS is highly recommended and can be found by $ 32,00 to $ 85,50 ($ 107,52 to $ 287,28).
  • Clothes: remember the style that your boyfriend feels good and comfortable to wear, as well as being a gift with a very personal taste, that clothes that you bought with so much affection can go to donation in the coming months. Looking closely at the different male styles and the cold June season, we chose 3 items that are infallible in every man's wardrobe. The first of these is the Hurley Surf Club Icon Jacket, which can be found from US $ 60,00 (R $ 201,60). Does it have a more classic style? So a Brunotti Frunot polo shirt would be perfect, plus in various colors, can be found from US $ 29,00 (R $ 97,44). Not yet? Well, from some sport he must like and as the most popular of them is football, shirts of the preferred team is always a good choice, as the beautiful shirt of the current Champions League Champions League - Real Madrid, can be found from US $ 65,00 (R $ 219,05).
  • Sneakers: there are 3 types of shoes most used by men: sneakers, boot and the classic shoe. For tennis, the most preferred are sportive, in addition to being more comfortable it is easier to fit a personal style, such as the Asics Gel Kayano that can be found from US $ 203,00 (R $ 682,08). For the boyfriend who is more casual and prefers boots, Caterpillar Colorado is a classic and can be found by $ 120,00 to $ 146,00 ($ 404,40 to $ 492,02). Currently men have preferred to wear sneakers to the conventional shoes, besides being more comfortable, they also combine with more casual clothes. Perfect for such situations is the Timberland Casco Bay sapatennis, which can be found from US $ 52,00 (R $ 175,24).

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Special Valentine's Day with Tarobá Hotel

What do you give to your girlfriend?

Ah! The women! What would be the men without them, would not they? And on such a special date, carefully choose the gift for your beloved companion, demonstrate how special this person is in your life, but rest assured, with the tips of Tarobá Hotel, this arduous task will be easily completed.

  • Chocolates: it may even be mushy, but it works. Of course you will not just give a box of chocolates, you have to have a feeling for behind them. Choose a lovely box with your pictures, write some letters (hand ok!) And of course, choose which of these delicious chocolates you will choose, whether it will be a box of Lindt Masterpieces Chocolate Bitter Chocolate, which can be found from US $ 21,00 (R $ 70,77). Or maybe she prefers the chocolate Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection, which can be found from US $ 23,00 (R $ 77,51).
  • Shoes and sneakers: there is a perfect match for every woman in the world, some prefer higher heels, others prefer to be more discreet, regardless of the specific taste of her beloved, these tips will bring some light when it comes to buying the gift for her. For athletes, it's nothing better than a high-quality sneaker for daily practice, the Asics Gel Kinsei 6 can be found in various colors from US $ 203,00 (R $ 684,11). Already for women who have a racing routine, having to move to several places in one day, a jump can be problem, but with the Authentic Lo Pro Vans, go anywhere will no longer be problem, can be found in several colors and from US $ 48,00 (R $ 161,76). Delicate, demure and home, the Replay Sandal enhances femininity giving an even more charming charm, being found from US $ 105,00 (R $ 353,85).
  • Bags: no matter what the model, women know how crucial it is to have the right bag for every occasion, maybe one of those is exactly what she's looking for. The Michael Kors Bedford Bag is a tote bag, a great choice for a variety of situations, and can be found from US $ 280,00 (R $ 943,60). Delicate and couture, the Luisa Spagnoli Ilenia shoulder bag can be found from US $ 305,20 (R $ 1.028,52) in black and navy blue colors, but possibly will find in more colors. For more special occasions (such as Valentine's Day) the Sondra Roberts clutcher bag has several custom designs, which can be found from US $ 224,00 (R $ 754,88).
  • Perfumes: very careful at that time, for women the perfume is something even more special and usually refers to good memories. In order not to fail (or avoid error to the maximum) we will quote some classic perfumes and preferred them. The Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume is intended for all ages, and can be found by $ 37,50 to $ 57,00 ($ 72,45 to $ 144,91). Who prefers a more sweet aroma, certainly knows the Britney Spears Fantasy, which can be found by $ 16,50 to $ 32,48 ($ 55,60 to $ 109,46). With a more citric and refined aroma, the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP from 80ml can be found by $ 39,00 to $ 69,00 ($ 131,43 to $ 232,53).
  • Jewels: the beauty of a woman refines even more when a beautiful jewel combines with her charm and personality, can be a pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace, we are sure that one of these tips will be accurate. The refined and highly-labored Luisa Spagnoli Nova necklace can be found from US $ 75,20 (R $ 253,42). Being a most delicate jewelry, the Chrysalis Good Fortune necklace from June - pearl crystal, lies from US $ 35,00 (R $ 117,95).

SHOPPING IN PARAGUAY - Special Valentine's Day with Tarobá Hotel

We hope that with so many tips, some is perfect to make Valentine's Day even more perfect and memorable. But the best tip even, is to spend Valentine's Day at Taroba Hotel! Here, we have a breakfast that is more than complete, with more than 30 items that make up the menu, in addition to a buffet dedicated to the intolerant of lactose and gluten. Our rooms are meticulously prepared for our guests and companions, highlighting the bridal suite. Come and enjoy the best of love with the Tarobá Hotel.

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