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Shopping in Paraguay: Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Shopping in Paraguay: Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is next Sunday! You know what to gift your Queen?

If you still have no idea what to give your mother, we put together a simple shopping script in Paraguay, a relaxed and fun day with your mother, with lunch right in the country. For mothers, this is one of the most important days of the year, and for first-time mothers, welcome to the universe of unconditional love, only the mother knows, how important the children are in their parents' lives, and even after growing up and becoming adults, their concern for their well-being is inevitable, on this day I present your mother, tell me how much you love her, after all, she was responsible for your life, and endured unexplained pain for 9 months.

Each mother has a gender, some I confess, has a strong gender, and the children end up having no idea what to give her on this important day. Remember, not every mother likes cupcakes or iron. How about getting out of this idea of ​​housewife, and focusing on something she really likes to do?

Every mom likes shopping, decorating for the home or pampering herself, it's a cool idea to invite your mom to a shopping day, so you get closer and you can still learn a little more about her tastes.

Another cool tip is to take her for a different ride, which she has never done before, accompanied by a lunch or dinner with her favorite food. This is a great option, so the fun will be for both the son and the mother.

Shopping in Paraguay: Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

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Paraguay is one of the main attractions of the Triple Frontier, come to know the Terra das Cataratas, and know the magical places that the city offers, if you are looking for a trip more in mind, and a wide possibility of tours, welcome to Foz do Iguaçu ! Foz is the second most visited destination in Brazil, losing only to Rio de Janeiro, considered the most economical destination in Brazil to visit, with the possibility of knowing the Iguazu Falls from two angles (Brazil X Argentina), your trip becomes because it has the pleasure of knowing three countries in a single trip.

Enjoy the weekend and come to Foz do Iguaçu, present an unforgettable trip to your mother in the Land of the Falls, with the right to buy in Paraguay, and a wonderful tour in the Iguassu Falls.

The Hotel Tarobá has a novelty for Mother's Day, with the exclusive draw of a breakfast in the room + a surprise basket, with a day of a real queen in the best hotel in Foz and region. Do not miss this chance to gift your mother with this incredible gift in Foz do Iguaçu.

A Combo Iguassu is a specialized and accredited tourism agency of Foz do Iguaçu, attached to Tarobá Hotel, it takes you to know the best attractions of the city, with air conditioned transportation, always for the well-being and comfort of its clients.

Want to know the best shopping and shopping in Paraguay? THE Combo Iguassu is responsible for this tour. Every mom likes a big mall, and with a wide variety of products, nothing better than taking her to one of the most complete shopping centers in Latin America.

To know more visit the site: Combo Iguassu

An incredible day with your Mother

Let's start our script, with a delicious breakfast in our Hotel, with impeccable cuisine, with foods for lactose intolerant, gluten, and also for diabetics.

Shopping in Paraguay: Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

(Breakfast photo - Tarobá Hotel)

Shopping in Paraguay: Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

(Breakfast photo - Tarobá Hotel)

Now we embark meaning to Paraguay with Combo Iguassu, remember to take your documents to make the crossing in Paraguayan customs. Arriving in the neighboring country, we witnessed a huge amount of shopping and stores, scattered throughout Eastern City.

Our first stop will be at the Del Este shopping mall, one of the main ones of CDE, here you will find, electronics, cosmetics, bed and bath, toys, perfumes, decoration and much more. A great option to take Mommy for a walk.

Another great shopping is the Paris shopping mall, one of the city's newest projects, it has its own parking lot, and many incredible shops to see, the place still offers a food court with the best of local cuisine.

If you are looking for a specific product, a web-based product and research the prices and places you will find in Paraguay, it will be easier to get around if you choose to go by car. No doubt this is the perfect place to gift your mother, to her the option to choose a gift, will be easier to hit if you do not know what to buy.


The trade hours of the trade in Paraguay is from Monday to Friday of 7h in the morning at 16h in the afternoon (Brazilian time), remember that in Paraguay is one hour hands in Brazil.

If you choose to take the car trip, to enjoy the ride more, the crossing is quiet, but be aware that on weekends the movement is usually greater, opt for a time close to 8h in the morning to cross the Bridge of Friendship.

Just at the entrance of the country behind Shopping Del Leste is the parking lot Del Leste, a safe place to leave your car, it is charged $ 8,00 real hour.

As much real as the dollar is accepted in the country, depending on the value of the dollar, it pays to give a pass at the exchange office and exchange its real for the dollar. The allowed quotas are of U $ 300 dollars per person.

The best quality products are sold in the malls, the camels usually sell replicas of the products, so be aware that there will be no exchange if there is a defect. On the other hand, the malls, offer tax notes, in case you need to change, and the guarantee of a quality product is much greater.

Come and venture into the Land of the Falls on Mother's Day, and make this day unforgettable for your mother.

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