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Shopping in Paraguay: know the best tips and what to buy in Paraguay at the best price

Shopping in Paraguay is a great option to save or find good products to resell in Brazil, with profit margin above 150%. But not everything is wonderful and shopping in Paraguay requires some care and, above all, know what and where to buy.

Another point is that not always going with the car itself is the best option. Catching a van or city bus frontier and leaving the car in a parking lot might be best. But rest easy, we'll talk about it too.

To better plan your trip to the neighboring country, we have prepared some shopping tips and stores in Paraguay to make travel more profitable and profitable. Come on? :)

What are the main advantages of shopping in Paraguay?

One of the main attractions attracting the attention of Brazilian merchants is the low price - and despite the current dollar quotation, in some stores in Paraguay it still pays off enough to make purchases of specific products.

For those looking for what to buy in Paraguay, it is important to know that due to characteristics of the Paraguayan trade, many people think that it is due to the low quality of the products. However, it is not so, the only detail to be considered is that there the taxes charged are much smaller than in Brazil.

In general, stores in Paraguay have a profit margin below 10% in the sale of each product, since they are based on the turn of the goods, since the idea is to provide an attractive price, which is able to move the trade.

Of course, like everywhere else, there are low quality products, however, it depends on knowing where to buy.

In Paraguay there are networks of malls of great prestige, which, by itself, already shows that there are places with good prices in and that offer a product of great quality and specialized service.

Not everything is stalls in the streets, and even in them, it is possible to find good products and what to buy in Paraguay.

What to buy in Paraguay for good prices?

Not everything is cheap as it used to be. Shopping in Paraguay requires good planning. However, most stores in Paraguay provide promotions and freeze the dollar's price, promoting the purchase among customers who seek what to buy with economy and safety.

For those looking for what to buy in Paraguay, these are the products that are worth more:


  • drones
  • 4k Cameras
  • JBL sound box
  • Television
  • Computer pieces

Fashion and beauty

  • Perfumes
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry


  • Modules
  • DVDs
  • alarms
Shopping in Paraguay: know the best tips and what to buy in Paraguay at the best price

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What documents do I need to make purchases in Paraguay?

In the Mercosur countries the entry and exit of Brazilians is greatly facilitated by agreements and treaties of collaboration. And Paraguay is no different.

To enter and leave the country you only have to present the identity in good conditions. That's when they ask, which are very rare sometimes. In fact, if they ask for it, they are more likely to do so when they are returning from their purchases in Paraguay, since usually the inspection is aimed at collecting taxes and collecting goods (inspection).

Anyway, try to take your RG and CPF. If you want to stamp your passport, you can do it at the Brazilian federal police posts and in the control of Paraguayan migration.

How to get to Paraguay with comfort and security?

Many people have questions about getting around to shopping in Paraguay. If you want to go with your own car, we recommend you to leave it in Foz do Iguaçu and take a taxi to cross, as this decreases less chance of going through any kind of unforeseen. But always remember to be careful about the taxi driver's choice. So crossing with one's own car is bad? No, but it is not the best option.

A great option is to hire a private transport with the agency Combo Iguassu. On the agency's website you can find transportation to stores in Paraguay with comfort and security.

The drivers are responsible for the round trip transportation from your lodging location, as well as giving some valuable tips about stores and what to buy in Paraguay for great prices.

Which currency do you use to buy in stores in Paraguay?

Years ago it was practically impossible to use real money to make purchases in Paraguay, but today it is possible to pay in our currency. But you have to know: your purchase will probably cost more. The dollar in the merchants is always above what you have seen before leaving your hotel or home.

Cards are also already accepted, at least in most stores in Paraguay, but will be passed on to the consumer the rate of the machine, in addition to having to pay the 6% of IOF. The best option is still to take dollars. The purchases will certainly be cheaper, due to the quotation and the devaluation of the Paraguayan currency.

Places to shop in Paraguay:

  • Cell Shop
  • Mega Electronics & Gadgets
  • Nissei
  • Elegance Company
  • SAX
  • Master 10
  • The Petisqueira
  • Shopping Monalisa, Paris and Del Este

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Where to stay in Foz do Iguaçu

For those looking to shop in Paraguay, another point to consider before traveling is to choose the best lodging in Foz do Iguaçu. The city has a varied hotel network, being considered one of the most comprehensive in the whole country.

The Tarobá Hotel, for example, is a great option for travelers to Foz do Iguaçu and plans to shop in Paraguay. The hotel has a central location, modern structure and a tour desk, where you can get tips from shops in Paraguay and private transportation to the neighboring country.

You can make your reservation directly on the website of Tarobá Hotel.

Did you like our tips? Check out this video with several tips on What to buy in Paraguay:


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