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How to Save Money for the Trip of Your Dreams

Travel is one of the most anticipated times of the year, but we do not always know how to save money.

With some changes of habit, it is possible to save money to travel without passing tightness

According to the website Skycanner, these are some tips to achieve your goal.

1- Have a piggy bank

It can be any big glass, a little piggy or even a savings.

2- Stipulate a goal

Stipulating a goal is essential, after the established goal, there will be motivation to reach it. No matter what the value, what really makes the difference is the dedication.

3- Financial organization

For the previous items to be possible, it will be necessary to have financial management. Make a spreadsheet with all the inputs and expenses you have and at the end or beginning of each month, do an analysis and check the expenses that can be eliminated in the months.

4- Change your habits

An example of a change of habit would be to exchange the tuition of the academy for the practice of exercise, another example would be to prepare your own meals rather than make them off.

5- Use public transportation or go by bike

Saving gas, you'll have a few hundred more for your trip at the end. of the month.

6- Do not make unnecessary purchases

Buy only what you really need, before you go shopping, think about whether it really will be required. Ask yourself, "Can I? I need?

7- Go to cheaper places

If you go to expensive restaurants or places at least once a week, consider more economical places. Instead of the whole week, think about switching to each 15 days. Remember that this sacrifice will be rewarded for a great journey.

8- Do It Yourself

Usually Fridays and Saturdays at home are synonymous with delivery. This habit usually eat a good slice of salary. Prefer to make your own meal, there are many fast and inexpensive meal options.

9- Use mileage programs

By adhering to this item, it is possible to use miles for promotional flights and to save a good amount.

10- Sell what you no longer use

If there's something you do not use, let go! There is no reason to keep in case, items that no longer has utility for you. Use that money for the trip!

11 - Eliminate expenses

Eliminate expenses with superfluous expenses, to the point of not making a difference when for example: cable TV, subscription to magazines and newspapers.

12- Make alternative programs

Instead of going to the party all week, dine at expensive places, have picnics or go to cultural programs, go to the movies on promotional days, avoid buy popcorn or treats. It is possible to have fun, spending little!

13- Shop online

Internet shopping is great for anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary spending, but be very objective, stay focused.

14- Replace expensive marks

Not always cheap is expensive, it is possible to exchange expensive brands, for more products accessible and of good quality.

15. Keep focus

Remember that all effort will be temporary and with the accumulated money will be possible the trip you want. The key is keeping your focus and dedicating yourself to your goals.

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