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How is Transit in Paraguay? What you need to know before crossing the border!

How is Transit in Paraguay? What you need to know before crossing the border!

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

Many outsiders have no idea what the friendship bridge looks like, or the interior of Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay.

If you are one of these people and you are afraid of what to face at the border, don't worry! You will be more forewarned to the Ciudad Del Este shopping center after reading our review!

But after all, is Paraguay so different from Brazil in traffic?

Asking this question, and to give you an idea of ​​what traffic is like in Paraguay, let's list some topics for you to better understand this topic!

Documentation and traffic rules:

First of all, an essential factor for you to be able to enter the country is the proper documentation!

And remember: this is not just for the drivers, but also for the other passengers and people who have come with you to Ciudad Del Este, as not carrying the documents can cause serious problems for you and your company, even if no one from the inspectorate. at customs stop you or ask for documentation, in the exchange area, having the documents is essential!

Documents (ORIGINAL) required for Brazilians to enter the country:

• Identity Card (RG), updated at least 10 years of dispatch.

• Or passport

• If you have children, bring all identification documents and notarized authorization from both legal guardians.

Do I need a passport to enter Paraguay?


Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

No, but as it is an identification document the passport can be very useful if you prefer to present it instead of ID, and if you want to sign the Paraguay entry stamp (This is optional and not mandatory) you will need it. Like the visa, this is not a required document.

If you want to get your own vehicle in the country, you must have:

• Mercosur Registration: Green Card

• National Driver's License (updated CNH)

• The car must meet common safety standards, such as fire extinguisher, two warning triangles, reflective vest and so on.

• If the car belongs to someone else: authorization must be signed at a notary's office with complete information of the owner, the car and the driver.

Respect all country traffic regulations, if necessary consult local laws in advance.

As in Brazil, these are the most basic laws to respect:

• Wear seat belts.

• Drivers: Do not drink alcohol.

• Drive with proper footwear.

• Beware of advances on curves, bridges and continuous fringes.

• Do not exceed the allowed speed.

• Attention in reverse, double lanes, reverse.

Just as we are careful not to be punished for recklessness in Brazil, the same caution must be taken in Paraguay, fines are a common consequence for those who commit infractions in both Ciudad Del Este and our country.

However, the methods of paying the fines are different, in the case of Paraguay for foreigners resolved with the National Secretary of Tourism of Asunción through presentation at the Caminera Police Central (Road Police), for further details of these procedures you should consult a Eco Iguassu's official website or from the country itself!

What is Paraguay's traffic really like?

For us who live not far from the border, we know what it feels like to go through Ciudad Del Este.

To get an idea of ​​what the traffic is like in Paraguay, when walking or driving there you should be very careful, because in that mall you do not have much control of the traffic flow chart, there you will see cars, motorcycles and vans running all the time in several Driving through the streets often gives the city a messy personality, a great visual and noise pollution of traffic, and indeed on busy days this is quite common.

Be careful when crossing the streets, especially if you are with children, even in the shops, be very careful not to get lost from each other or suffer an accident due to inattention.

How is the supervision on the Friendship Bridge?

Although simple, the country's inspectorate can catch anyone who breaks the rules of how traffic in Paraguay is.

To enter Ciudad Del Este you can use car, motorcycle, public transportation, tourist transportation or just.

There are not many stops at the customs police, that is, because of the high flow of people who pass through there, you will hardly be stopped by any IRS guard.

But if so, submitting your updated documents is the only solution to have no problems at the border, and oversight by what you transport in or out of the country is also important, and keep track of the maximum quota or exemption limit (referring to taxes) that you may have.

Currently (July 2019) the maximum quota value is maximum U $ 300,00.

To better understand the quota, visit this post where we explain all about shopping in Paraguay and the quota allowed per person.

It is also important to remember that you must take note of everything you buy in Paraguay, as mentioned above, if you stop, you will be required to purchase notes and complete the Accompanied Baggage Statement or DBA.

Today in Friendship Bridge there is a stronger system of face identification cameras and license plates to find various irregularities that may try to enter the country.

Are you traveling by car to Ciudad Del Este?

As usual, many people do not feel safe traveling by car into Ciudad Del Este, the reason for this is the reports of thefts and thefts in the city, not least, a lot of care must be taken if you are going through the border.

Or if you want to go beyond Ciudad Del Este and even enter the country, you need to know what the traffic in Paraguay is like, as well as being extra careful, unfortunately cases of extortion and corruption in the country make many people gave up traveling by car in the center of the city. Paraguayan transport to Asuncion.

Should I rent a car across the border?

Knowing the risks and how is the traffic in Paraguay; hardly, or we don't even see, car rental companies in Foz that allow rented vehicles to enter Paraguay, maybe in other ways you can get a car to cross the bridge, but you will have to consult the regulations and extra prices charged for this route. .

An alternative way to cross the bridge:

One of the viable options that many Brazilians have not to cross the bridge with their own vehicle, is to go to the entrance of the bridge, in Foz do Iguaçu, and find a secure parking to leave the car.

Paying per day or hour, some car parks ensure that you can leave the vehicle to walk past the Friendship Bridge, after crossing it or by hiring a short shuttle service, you can get to Ciudad Del Este, the process It repeats on the parking lot lap where you can pick up your vehicle and leave.

Supply in Paraguay, is it worth it?

Knowing Paraguayan fuel already, we know that the price is cheaper than in Brazil and is more “pure” or “strong” than the Brazilian, with nothing to add alcohol. But remember the sudden change of fuel can decrease unemployment and strength depending on the vehicle.

If it is convenient for you to look for stations inside Ciudad Del Este and test a supply, but it is only worth it when the supply there is cheaper than the Brazilian, due to the cost and benefit.

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