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Typical food from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina: embark on this culinary trip on the Triple Border

Natural beauties and walks are some of the main reasons why thousands of Brazilian and foreign tourists choose Foz do Iguaçu as a destination all year round. But there is also another point that makes the triple border

Foz do Iguaçu and region has a great gastronomic variety, mainly due to the cuisine of several parts of the world, mainly of the three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

In all, 63 ethnic groups are present in the gastronomic scene of the region. There are many steakhouses, restaurants of Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Japanese, Mexican and many others. All of them are part of a huge range of bars and restaurants. Therefore, any tourist that chooses Foz do Iguaçu as destination has options for all tastes.

Another point is the price and quality found here. For many tourism experts, Brazil's overall landscape is improving in many ways, and the Triple Border has been preparing even more to better serve all its visitors.

If you are planning a trip to Foz do Iguaçu and region, there is nothing better than to be inside and know the main typical foods of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Come on? :)

Get to know the typical foods of Paraguay

Most countries in South America are known for having a rich and very tasty food, but not all tourists know what are the typical foods of Paraguay.

There, the rich cuisine is made up of dishes of indigenous origin, which always mixes with meat from cattle, sheep, goats and wild meats of vegetable products such as cassava, corn, potatoes and also pumpkin. Get to know some of the main typical foods of Paraguay:

  • chipa

Generally compared to the famous Minas Gerais cheese bread, the delicious Paraguayan chipas have a typical flavor made directly in the chiperies of all of Paraguay.

There are two types of chipas among the main typical foods of Paraguay: Chipa soo, usually stuffed with meat; and chipa pirú, is found more practically in supermarkets and sold in packs.

  • Paraguayan soup

A paradox among the main typical foods of Paraguay, the Paraguayan soup is not really a soup, but a type of salty pie. Its main ingredients make this delicacy one of the tastiest delights in the whole territory of the Triple Frontier.

Everything is made with lots of ground corn, cheese, eggs and milk. It sounds basic, does not it? But this dish is often served for lunch and dinner.


Credits: Flickr

  • Pira Caldo

A dish known to increase the disposition and energy of those who consume it, Pira Caldo is, as its name says, a fish broth where milk, cheese, onion, tomato and sunflower oil are mixed.

There is even an urban legend in Ciudad del Este that says this typical Paraguayan food is a strong masculine aphrodisiac.

The main dishes and typical foods of Brazil

A question many times with different answers is "what is the real food typical of Brazil?". After all, our country has large continental proportions, making it a huge gastronomic variety.

There are many options and styles rescued that still influence our culture, especially when it comes to food. With great indigenous, African and European contributions, the options of typical dishes are several. And if the word diversity is a guideline, Foz do Iguaçu is a portrait of Brazil. Get to know some of the main typical foods of our country.

  • Fish Moqueca

Consumed throughout the country but originally created in Espírito Santo, the moqueca fish is composed of cooked fish, vegetables and seafood the cook's choice. In addition, fish can also be varied, such as whiting, cacao or the famous Brazilian golden.

Besides the delicacies, the moqueca can also be served with rice and pirão.

  • Carne de sol

Originally from the Brazilian northeast, this dish is nothing more than a piece of limp or hard salty hard. The name sun meat was chosen by the way the meat was prepared: taken to the sun to dry before going to the fire.

Nowadays this process is already done in a refrigerated environment, but the main dish continues being served with fried manioc, rennet cheese and green beans.


Credits: Pixabay (Mauro Oliveira)

  • Feijoada

We arrive at the most famous dish in Brazil: the feijoada. Found in almost every restaurant in the country, this typical food is a thick mixture of black beans, not-so-noble pork portions, and the aforementioned dried meat. Another rule is the accompaniments: cabbage and rice.

Another very interesting point about feijoada is the historical symbolism that this dish carries, since it was invented by slaves who made their food with everything that was despised by their masters.

Main food typical of Argentina

Visiting Puerto Iguazu is already a rule for those who come to the triple border because of its natural beauty, but if the subject is cuisine and food typical of Argentina, the city also has a lot of variety and great quality.

There are several snacks in bistros and coffee shops, as well as traditional Argentine steakhouses. From there, one thing is certain: you will return satisfied and with the great feeling of having eaten well for a great value for money. Stay inside the main Argentine typical foods that can be found in Puerto Iguazu.

  • Empanadas

A quick and beloved snack across the country, the empanada is easily found in almost every establishment in Puerto Iguazu. Compared with the coxinhas in Brazil, the empanadas are also fried or baked in the oven.

The most well-known and traditional flavor is meat, but can also be made with cheese and ham, chicken with spinach, cheese and onions and more.

  • La Picada

When it comes to typical Argentinean food, Puerto Iguazu also has restaurants that offer the famous La Picada: a board of cold cuts there.

It is possible to find a great variety of hams and cheeses, as well as olives, eggs and pickles. A good tip is to enjoy this typical Argentine dish accompanied by good wine.

  • Steak Chorizo

Credits: Pixabay (Pillar Castillo)

Known for being the main Argentinean food, the chorizo ​​steak is also one of the most requested dishes in Puerto Iguazu. And motives are not lacking: chorizo ​​is one of the noblest cuts of Argentine beef, which is considered by many experts as one of the best meats on the planet.

In short, the piece has two fingers in height, can be served without being seasoned, since one of the traditions is to let the customer himself control the salting of his meat. Cool, is not it?

Know where to stay in Foz do Iguaçu

A good idea for those interested in learning more about the typical foods of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil is staying in Foz do Iguaçu.

O Tarobá Hotel, for example, is located and a privileged area in the center of the city, where you can visit different restaurants and get around to neighboring countries by hiring the Combo Iguassu.

Excited to know Foz do Iguaçu and region? Now is the time to plan your trip and enjoy the most delicious of the typical tri-border foods. Make your reservation at Tarobá Hotel and enchant with the natural foods and beauties of the region.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay (Jules Perez)