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SPECIAL CIRCUIT ITAIPU - Learn more about the vastness of the world's largest hydroelectric power plant

In Foz do Iguaçu it is possible to find a vast miscegenation, some who visit our city, coming from all over the world, are so enchanted that they no longer want to leave, enriching even more the culture and history of the city. One of the greatest and best examples of the fact that the multiethnicity of Foz do Iguaçu works perfectly is the Itaipu Binational Plant, working together with Paraguay, being considered the largest generator of clean and renewable energy of the planet.

In today's matter we will visit the Itaipu Binational Plant from a privileged angle, where you will get to know the command room, the dam, the cathedral and much more. The tour lasts for two and a half hours (2h30min) but we are sure that it will be eternalized in your memory. For the accomplishment of the walk some requirements must be respected, like the clothes, where the visitor must wear clothes with length below the knees and footwear closed and without heel. It is also necessary to present original identification document and be at least 14 years.

SPECIAL CIRCUIT ITAIPU - Learn more about the vastness of the world's largest hydroelectric power plant

If you are that classic tourist who does not detach from a camera or camcorder during the tour, no problem! It is released take pictures and take footage all over the circuit, which is divided into 7 steps:

Central Lookout Station and Poty Panel

The first stage of our tour is the Central Mirante Station, where you can have a panoramic view of the dam and the spillway. You will also be enchanted by the work of Poty Lazzarotto, the designer, engraver, ceramist and muralist from Curitiba, who at 1998 together with Adroaldo Renato Lenzi created a tile panel, depicting the remarkable scenes from the time when Itaipu was under construction.

Concrete Dam Station

Located at the top of the dam are the water catchment gates for the generating units, in which one can have a unique and privileged view of the plant reservoir and the grandeur of the Paraná River.

Cathedral Station

At this stage of the circuit, visitors begin to insert themselves inside the dam, in a structure of concave architecture, similar to that of a cathedral. Following the circuit, it is also possible to touch the conduits, which are huge white pipes in which they drain up to 700 thousand liters (700.000) of water per second, which corresponds to half the flow of the Iguaçu Falls in each one of them. During this stage, it is also possible to know the old bed of the Paraná River.

Production Building Station

It is in this building that are the main equipment that keeps the plant in operation, in which are included the generating units. The visitor also has the opportunity to observe a shaft of a turbine in action, one of the preferred parts of the circuit among visitors.

SPECIAL CIRCUIT ITAIPU - Learn more about the vastness of the world's largest hydroelectric power plant

Central Command Room Station

For visitors at this stage of the circuit you can look closely at the technicians controlling the operations of the plant through computers and electronic panels. In the central command room you can also notice a yellow stripe on the floor of the room, symbolically representing the border between Brazil and Paraguay, symbolic because the Itaipu Binational Plant belongs to both countries.

Channel Escape Station

It is at this station where the visitor can see all the water drained by the turbines return to the Paraná River, following its natural course.

Gallery Station

Greener visitors and workers and / or regulars of electric cars compose the gracefulness of this gallery, which has 1km extension. It is possible to contemplate the 20 caps of the generating units.

SPECIAL CIRCUIT ITAIPU - Learn more about the vastness of the world's largest hydroelectric power plant

The Itaipu Binational Plant is composed in its tour itinerary of other tours besides the Special Circuit such as Kattamaram, Panoramic View, Eco-museum, Bela Vista Biological Refuge, among others, all emphasizing sustainability and the environment, making your visit beyond your expectations.

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