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Apple cell phones are among the best selling products in Paraguay

Travel to Foz do Iguacu is always an unforgettable trip. Apart from having the opportunity to get to know different cultures, religions, peoples and tourist attractions that are prominent in the international scene, Foz do Iguaçu reserves another great advantage: shopping in Paraguay, the neighboring country is so busy that already received the affectionate nickname of "Miami de la Fronteira," and you can see that this nickname is not for nothing.

If you want to know natural beauties, man-made beauties and still shopping, but without spending much, Foz do Iguaçu is the destination right for you!


In addition to enjoying beautiful scenery in Foz do Iguaçu, you can make your shopping in Paraguay and save a lot. But is it paying off?

One of the brands that stands out today, is the incredible Apple, which has already earned more than $ 78,4 billion dollars this figure was reached only in this first quarter.

The amount raised is the result of its products, which win the world with its high technology, design and performance. In Brazil, an iPhone - which is the best selling product of the brand - can go out at the house of 3 thousand reais. If the product is launch, it can easily pass the 4 thousand reais.

But why is the product so expensive in Brazil?


Apple works with pre-set prices, which may vary according to the tax of each country. In Brazil, unfortunately, taxes are abusive, which causes Brazilians to stop buying the smartphone.

The price difference between countries is so great that it is compensatory to buy in neighboring countries, for example in Paraguay.

But are there stores that sell original Apple products in Paraguay?


Of course yes! Paraguay is a country of everyone, everyone can sell what they want in the streets of Ciudad Del Este. And this factor makes many tourists end up confusing a few things.

In Paraguay you have reliable stores that sell original products, quality and even with warranty. Your purchases in Paraguay can be made in the various malls that the country has.

In addition, in Paraguay there is a specific store with Apple products, the iShop, a store that has original products, lower prices, and appliances with warranty.

To demonstrate this difference we will make a comparison of the main products of Apple. You will see that the price difference is scary! Check out:

7 128 GB iPhone


The launch of Apple came to leave any smartphone in the slipper. The powerful 7 iPhone features features that combine technology and innovation, being water and splash resistant, proving more secure against minor accidents.


To make the cellphone even more wanted, Apple released it with 128 GB memory, which highlighted the smartphone, where it stores more photos and videos.

Another highlight of iPhone 7 is the quality of the cameras, both rear and front, can be considered a flagship of this phone.

Shopping in Paraguay can be a way out for you who want to save money and not stop buying one of the most technological smartphones in the world.

In Paraguay the 7 128 GB iPhone is coming out for R $ 2.397,00 real, in Brazil, the same cell with the same characteristics is coming out for R $ 3.432,00 real, a difference of real R $ 1.035,00.

The difference is so much that it pays you to plan, choose the hotel in Foz do Iguaçu, see the tours that can be realized in the Land of the Falls, and travel to Foz do Iguaçu and do your shopping in Paraguay.

iPhone 6S 32 GB


Another highlight of the brand is the iPhone 6S that is not far behind the iPhone 7, what differs is the quality of the camera, design, and security.

In this smartphone you do not find the resistance of fluids and spills. But on the other hand it is possible to have quality in performance, quality cameras and much lower prices.


The iPhone 6S of 32 GB is costing R $ 1.464,48, the same smartphone is coming out in Brazil for R $ 2.519,91, a difference of real R $ 1.055,43.

With this value you can calmly come to Foz do Iguacu and enjoy the wonders of this city and to spare to make your purchases in Paraguay.

The prices of these products can vary from store to store and do not be afraid to buy in malls, research before, in Paraguay you find serious stores that sell original products with quality products and with warranty, all for the lowest price!

To welcome visitors who visit Foz do Iguaçu for shopping in Paraguay, the hotel chain Foz has been improving to welcome its tourists.


Proof of this is the Tarobá Hotel, an enterprise that has gained prominence in recent years, where it has gained investments in its infrastructure.

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