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Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side is it worth it?

Are you planning to travel to Foz do Iguaçu and while creating your travel itinerary you are faced with an important question, should you or not visit the Iguassu Falls on the Argentine side? Undoubtedly the answer to this question is YES, you should do the Iguazu Falls visitation on the Argentine side as well and I will explain why!

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Brazilian Side X Argentine Side

As you know Iguazu Falls can be accessed both in Brazil and Argentina, and although Brazil shelters more than 95% of the Iguaçu River basin, tourists who visit the National Park of Iguaçu on the Brazilian side can only have a panoramic view of Natural Wonders as visitors to the Iguazu National Park in Argentina, has a more complete tour because two thirds of the Iguazu Falls are located in Argentina! To give you an idea, in the Argentine park visitors visit the area where the falls are located with different perspectives and angles of the phenomenon, being able to even be under one of the falls, besides being able to observe waterfalls that are hidden in the middle of the flower that surrounds the premises!

Now you must be thinking, Should I dispense with the visitation on the Brazilian side then? Of course not! Although the visitation of the Argentine side is more complete and intimate, the Brazilian side has its advantages! The panoramic view and the possibility of being near the point called Devil's Throat besides taking a beautiful bath in the place, is an impressive and satisfactory experience that can not be exchanged for anything, it's worth it!

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Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side is it worth it?

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

I want to do the Argentine side of the Falls, what do I need to know?

If you are determined to visit Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side the first thing you need to know is that you will walk a lot so you need to hydrate A LOT! The Argentine park is much more extensive than the Brazilian park containing three trails called the Lower Walk (1,4km) - where one has a view under the falls, Superior (1,7km) - a view over, and the main one the Throat of the Devil can only be accessed through the Ecological Train offered by the park.

The ideal is also to separate a whole day to get to enjoy the ride more calmly, especially if your intention is to do all the trails! If you find it tiresome to do everything in just one day or do not have time for it, the park offers the discount of 50% in the amount of the ticket for visitors who return the next day, just show the previous ticket at the box office!

Important! The box office only accepts the local currency, only international cards and only inside the park! The park runs from 8 (local time in Argentina), with access to 16: 30 and visitors stay until 18hrs!

Within the Park there are also optional tours not included in the ticket price, among them are the water tours and the full moon light rides, which is even with the visitation season open!

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Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side is it worth it?

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

Tickets and Transportation

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