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Argentina Falls, an incredible and unforgettable tour.

The Iguassu Falls on the Brazilian side are well known, they receive thousands of tourists each year. Many come from far away just to see them.

But clearly, the Argentine Waterfalls could not be left out of this, especially after Katy Perry was there this past Tuesday (13 / 03), we talked a little about this in this post.

The difference of the two sides is very great, even though the same falls, while the Brazilian side is more tranquil, geared towards more "commercial" tourism, the Argentine side is more linked to ecotourism, where the tourist has more contact with nature and walks more.

A notable difference between the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side and the Brazilian side is that on the side of "los hermanos" the falls are seen from above, already on our side, the view is more panoramic and we can see their falls as well.

Argentina Falls, an incredible and unforgettable tour.

To see the falls closer, you have three trail options: the best known is the Devil's Throat trail. You leave the visitor center on the ecological train to get to the Throat, there you descend a footbridge of 1100 meters, it is metal, but contains small openings, by which, depending on the water level, it can get to wet your feet . During the trip you can see birds, monkeys, quatis, alligators, butterflies and many animals and insects that live there.

Another alternative is the Lower Circuit, which walks 1700 meters on foot, inside the forest that surrounds the falls, besides seeing some waterfalls separated by the way, which are very beautiful.

Already the Superior Circuit, also with 1700 meters, has a panoramic view of the falls and if you want to rest a little, you can sit on the benches that are scattered along the way.

Outside the trails, there are other excursions, such as the Nautical Adventure, it is like the Macuco Safari, the boat faces the force of the water and goes straight to the waterfalls, passing by the Island San Martín (largest waterfall that the boat can face ), Three Musketeers Cave, where you can see the Falls on both sides and the Devil's Throat.

Argentina Falls, an incredible and unforgettable tour.

The Ecological Tour is for those who want a quieter ride, it consists of a descent of rowing 2,5 km by the river, through the islands. With it there is more contact with nature.

For those who like a good dose of adrenaline, the Great Adventure passes under two waterfalls, the bilingual guides present the natural beauties of the Iguazu Park.

When you make Safari 4x4 you get even closer to nature, in two hours inside the car 4x4, you see several animals and insects that live inside the closed forest.

We will leave this video for you to see what the tour of the Argentine trails is like.

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