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Green Card and Blue Card, with which should I enter Argentina and the Mercosur countries?

A Green Card is safe for people who travel through Mercosur countries, for example, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and the same is valid for those who come from these countries to Brazil.

It is mandatory for touring or rented cars and is also required when you want to buy a car in any of these countries!

• What does Green Card Insurance cover?

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It will cover the compensation of damages caused to third-party vehicles, owners or drivers of walking vehicles in Mercosur countries. This means that if you happen to have an accident with your car in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asuncion (Paraguay), or some other city within Mercosur, involving third parties, you will not have to pay for the car of the other person.

The insurance covers:

- Any material damage caused to third parties;

- Any bodily harm caused to third parties, such as death, permanent disability and all hospital expenses;

- And if necessary, it walks covers 50% of the lawyer's fees, to the insured and any court costs.

However, there are limits to damages. 40 thousand dollars per person will be paid in cases of personal injury, death, hospital expenses or permanent disability and if material damage occurs, the compensation will be 20 thousand dollars by third parties.

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Since the insurance covers only the damages of third parties, you still need to have your insurance from the country you live in, in case it would be from Brazil, for the chance that you also suffer some accident during your trip.

You can make the Green Card at insurers or consulates.

Already Blue letter, much as it is very similar to the Green Charter, it is targeted at owners of passenger or cargo vehicles that will cross the national border by the countries that sign the Convention on International Road Transport, as is the case in the countries of Mercosur.

• What does Blue Card Insurance cover?

Green Card and Blue Card, with which should I enter Argentina and the Mercosur countries?

The insurance covers the civil liability of the owner and / or driver of land vehicles not registered in the countries of international travel, for damages caused to persons or things, whether transported or not, with the exception of the cargo transported.

Both the owners of freight vehicles, as well as those of passenger transport should hire Blue Card Insurance as a form of broader insurance coverage.

The insurance covers:

- Death, personal injury and / or damage to passengers;

- Death, personal injury and / or materials caused to third parties not transported, the exception of cargo;

- Legal costs and legal fees for the defense of the insured and the victim.

Anyone who does not have the insurance in hand to prove the hiring, runs the risk of having the vehicle prevented from traveling in the country of destination, when it reaches the border.

The Blue card must be made with insurers.

Source: Modern Transportation Online Site

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