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Campaign wants to attract more tourists from Paraná to Foz do Iguaçu

by: Foz do Iguaçu Destination of the World

The Iguassu Convention & Visitors Bureau - ICVB and Ecocataratas - a concessionaire that manages the stretch of BR-277 between Guarapuava and Foz do Iguaçu (Paraná) - have joined a campaign to promote Iguaçu Destination. The action aims to increase the flow of visitors who use their own vehicle to visit the Land of the Falls.

The "Foz É Mais Mais" campaign offers Paranaians a series of discounts and benefits to enjoy the Destination. They are extra daily, discounts at dinners and receptions, free drinks and various bonuses offered by members of the ICVB to the interested party who makes the registration through the campaign website www.fozemuitomais.com.br.

The initiative came from the marketing team of Ecocataratas and gained support from ICVB and its maintainers, who represent a large part of the region's tourism trade. Predicted in the marketing plan of the concessionaire, the campaign will broaden the dissemination of the Iguaçu Destination, presenting to the people of Paraná a near destination, with easy access and with international travel characteristics.

During the campaign period, along the highway, signs and promotional panels encouraging the joining of drivers, as well as campaigns on television programs. The ICVB has also acquired media in malls and billboards in the cities of Cascavel, Guarapuava and Ponta Grossa. To assist in the dissemination, the organization prepares a presstrip that should involve journalists from Londrina, Maringá, Apucarana, Ponta Grossa, Cascavel, Guarapuava, Toledo, Marechal Cândido Rondon among other cities in the state.

The tourist of the state - Currently, the residents of the state represent the Brazilian region that most visits the Iguassu Falls. According to the data of 2014 of the National Park of the Iguazu - PNI, were almost 350 thousand paranaenses that were in the attraction. With incentives in the road sector, this number should be even higher in 2015, believes the president of the ICVB, Fernando Martin.

"The opening to a partnership with Ecocataratas, which for years is our main sponsor, gives us the certainty of an action that will increase the tourist flow in the Iguaçu Destination. With the ease of good roads and the visible increase of people with their own car, the incentive of road tourism promises to move the industry later this year, "says Martin.

Development - For the heads of Ecocataratas, the action also promotes regional development and stimulates tourism in the State. "We count on the support of partners in this action in order to benefit the tri-national region and invite the user to explore the sights and enjoy the leisure that the region can offer," says Evandro Couto Vianna, ecocataratas superintendent director.

Georgia Pereira Hansen of the Ecocataratas Business Communication Office, responsible for the project execution with the concessionaire, states that during the campaign a series of media developed and managed by the company will be involved. "Let's put our media spaces as a magazine, signs on gates, highway billboards and communication in the toll plazas, all in favor of this campaign."

How to participate - To participate in the campaign, the interested party should access the site: http://www.fozemuitomais.com.br/

the campaign and make a brief registration. The user will receive a code in the registered email that will give right to any of the options of the promotion that you choose. Remember that the registration period goes until the 31 of October, and can use the services until the 20 day of December of 2015.