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FOZ CAMPAIGN IS MUCH MORE! - Ecocataratas, Iguassu Convention and Visitors Bureau

FOZ CAMPAIGN IS MUCH MORE! - Ecocataratas, Iguassu Convention and Visitors Bureau

The "FOZ IS MUCH MORE!" Campaign was created by Ecocataratas and has the support of Iguassu Convention & Visitors Bureau - ICVB, in order to value tourism as a source of foreign exchange for the Municipality, moving the entire productive chain of this economic segment, and now with this action, to integrate the hotel, gastronomic, attractive and leisure, receptive and shopping segments, which are represented by the companies that maintain the ICVB.

The beneficiaries of this campaign will be exclusively the tourists / clients who register through the website, where they will receive a code and personal and non-transferable identification, which will include the full name and number of the registration code, which must be presented and informed whenever it is to be used any of the promotions registered, respecting the rules imposed in each of the promotions of the registered establishments.

The campaign website (www.fozemuitomais.com.br) will list the benefits, conditions and rules of the promotion, which each participating company will provide through the online completion of the membership form that will be made available, thus allowing differentiation of services according to the possibilities and commercial intentions of each registered company.

The creation of the campaign and maintenance of the website is carried out by Ecocataratas, with the support of the ICVB in gathering information to feed the promotions and also with the development of specific actions in the cities of Cascavel, Ponta Grossa and Guarapuava, all in the state of Paraná, and these actions are scheduled to take place within the current promotion period (August to October / 2015).

The duration of the campaign will be for purchases from the 20 period from August to 31 of October of 2015, and the use of the services can be done until the 20 day of December of 2015.


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