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Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

We are in countdown to the most anticipated holiday of the month of April. But you, have you programmed? If not yet, here are some amazing hiking tips for you to enjoy with your family in Foz do Iguaçu this holiday season.

If you are planning to travel to a different place, with a rich culture, and different places to visit, Foz do Iguaçu is the right place, after all to know the Iguazu Falls and still be able to meet other 2 countries without having to travel again, it is the best part.

If you have not yet visited us in Foz do Iguaçu, enjoy to visit us this Easter, the hotel Tarobá is with an incredible promotion of Easter, for only 10X R $ 57,50 per person. The package includes 2 daily in category apartment chosen for two people. It also includes a Paraguay Shopping Tour or Transfer Cataratas BR and Transfer Duty Free - Shopping located in Argentina. But remember the package is only valid for reservations made on 19 / 04 / 2019 days until 21 / 04 / 2019.

If you are still in doubt about our hotel, the Tarobá hotel is located in the center of Foz do Iguaçu, with a privileged location, facilitating the locomotion of the guests to help you further, next to the hotel is attached to Combo Iguassu, a tourist agency specializing in providing you with the best trips through the triple border.

Want some hiking tips for the Triple Frontier? Here are some of the main attractions you need to know when visiting Foz do Iguaçu!

waterfalls of Iguaçu

Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

(Photo courtesy of - Pixabay)

The Iguaçu Falls is undoubtedly the main attraction of the Fronteira, the Brazilian National Park and the Argentine National Park. Make no mistake about thinking that the two are practically the same, for there is a big difference.

The Iguaçu Falls occupy the place of one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, and perfectly make up our Iguazu landscape, are more 270 waterfalls distributed in a wonderful scenery of lots of water and serva, do not miss the privilege of seeing it close to Foz do Iguaçu.

One of the main differences between the Brazilian and Argentine waterfalls is the proportion of space, the great majority of falls are on the Argentine side, which results in a more beautiful landscape for those who visit the Brazilian side. The Argentine side, on the other hand, has an exuberant scenery, and provides a wider view of the Falls because its catwalk runs a great extension over the great Iguazu River, leaving you very close to the waters.

If you are looking for something more exciting, the National Park offers other walks through the Falls, next to the Macuco Safari offer some incredible attractions for you that likes an adrenaline rush. Like trails through the woods, it gives you a panoramic view of the Falls, leaving you very close to the Devil's Throat. Do not know what that means? Well, Devil's Throat is the largest waterfall in the Falls, with more than 80 meters of constant waterfall, and the most beautiful part of the attraction.

Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

The Macuco Safari also offers boat trips through the water, passing under some falls, allowing an even greater adventure to the visitors, as well as boat trips, you can still navigate the strong canoe currents, and still enjoy to swim enough with the wonderful view of the Falls. The Argentine side offers the same tours, and also jeep trails inside the jungle.

Take advantage of this summer break and venture with the Macuco Safari in Iguazu Falls.

To know more about the tours visit the site: Macuco Safari

Three Border Frame

Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

The name itself already says it all, the landmark of the three borders is an obelisk that marks the end of the Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine territory, the place is beautiful and offers a lot of entertainment, where it marks a lot of history of the triple border. The appeal has recently undergone a renovation, and today no doubt meets all expectations.

Scenic Village Jesuit Missions

Right at the entrance of the landmark the Town Scenery pays homage to the Jesuit Missions, you come across the great facade of the village, which gives full access to the attractions. During the walk through the squares it is possible to have a trip in time with the whole history of the place where the Indians lived and the Jesuit priests in the centuries 16 and 17. With enormous projections spread, they tell a story adaptation of the Jesuit Missions in the main points of attraction, international treaties marking the borders of the three countries and how the city of Foz do Iguaçu emerged.

Restaurant Cabeza de Vaca

The Marco also has the Cabeza de Vaca Restaurant, which offers the best in the gastronomy of the Triple Border, with an air-conditioned thematic area, integrated to the nature and the local landscape. The restaurant pays homage to the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca who discovered 1542 one of the Natural Wonders known as "The Iguassu Falls". From the restaurant the visitors dazzle the scenery, the climate, the gastronomy, the companies and the energy that emanates from the rivers.

Kids space

In order for adults to enjoy the ride even more, the landmark of the three borders also offers a playground fully integrated with the nature and geography of the place offering fun and joy for children, Kids space allows a greater experience of play in the Three Borders , and for adults, the attraction offers a giant wheel with full view of the river, where you can see perfectly the 3 borders.

Duty Free shop

Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

Duty Free is a mall located in Puerto Iguazú in Argentina. At the entrance of the country, it is possible to see Duty Free, the mall consists of a group of incredible stores, from various sectors such as fashion, perfumery, electronics, cosmetics, beverages, travel and decoration articles. The place still has a food court with some dishes of Argentine cuisine.

To know more about the products access the site: Duty Free

Shopping in Paraguay

Enjoy the Holy Week Promotional Package and come to Hotel Tarobá in Foz do Iguaçu!

(Photo courtesy of - Pixabay)

Visiting Foz do Iguaçu and not going to Paraguay, does not make sense. The largest shopping center on the border will win you over, Ciudad del Este has a huge variety of products, and a variety of incredible shops, so take some shopping and get to know some of the Paraguayan culture.

Want to visit all the sightseeing tips? Then go to the Combo Iguassu and make your reservation with us, enjoy Easter and come to Foz do Iguaçu.

A Combo Iguassu offers transport for all tours of the Triple Border, with a heated transport and with more comfort and safety, always striving for the well-being of customers. Combo Iguassu with an Easter promotion as well, the Iguassu City Pass, offers transportation to the best attractions of the border for only 10X of R $ 8,90 per person, and the best, you can enjoy the package for 7 days, paying only once. Liked?

Visit the website to learn more: Iguassu City Pass

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