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Now another reason to visit the Bird Park in Foz do Iguaçu

The Bird Park is already known for its work of conservation and recovery of rescued birds that have been victims of trafficking or mistreatment.

Now visitors will have the privilege of experiencing up close the backstage of the park.

This new attraction is called Backstage Experience and allows direct contact with some birds, the opportunity to feed toucans or other species, and to know more details about the conservation work that the park does.

Details of the new attraction.

Every day: 07h30, 10h30 and 14h00.

Running 01h30

For information on values, consult the official website of the Bird Park.

Tour Details

Baby Station: The visitor knows a native bird and understands how the Baby Room works;

Psittacidae conditioning: learn about training and its importance for birds and technical staff;

Feeding of toucans: with the accompaniment of the technical team, the visitor will have the opportunity to feed a toucan or other species.

Depending on the schedule, the attraction may also include:

Feed the flamingo cubs by hand;

Accompany the feeding of a native woodpecker;

To meet one of the threatened parrots of the Atlantic Forest, ambassadors of its kind;

Enter the nursery of ararajubas to accompany the feeding of the parrots that are threatened.

Finally, the visitor is taken to an open-air deck in the midst of a butterfly garden, being able to interact quietly with a macaw and see a nearby jiboia, as well as enjoying seasonal drinks and fruits.

Tours are daily with limited vacancies.

Bring your children to this adventure, sure to stay in the memory!

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