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7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

Foz do Iguacu

7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

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Without doubt the Iguazu Falls is breathtaking, surrounded by magnificent landscapes, Foz do Iguaçu is an incredible option to get to know each other.

Considered to be the largest reserve of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, the Iguaçu National Park is the largest subtropical rain reserve in the world with one of the 7 Wonders of Nature as its main attraction, the park crosses the whole city bringing beauty and fresh air to the visitors.

In addition to these attractions Foz do Iguaçu is the site of the largest clean and renewable energy generator on the planet, known as Itaipu Binacional, because it is close to two distinct countries (Argentina and Paraguay) attracts tourists from all over the world.

If you are looking for a warm place, and rich in distinct cultures, the triple border is the right place.

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7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

With its exuberant beauty, it attracts tourists from all over the world, was elected one of the most beautiful beaches, located 300 km from Fortaleza, it stands out among the other beaches of the Northeast.

Its clear waters are the visiting card of the place, located inside the National Park of Jericoacoara, this natural paradise is a good option for you that wants to disconnect from the rush of the day to day.

Famous for the "hot" cuisine, the Northeast is rich in the diversity of spices, causing curiosity to the tourists. I recommend you try them, some are very good!

Fernando de Noronha

7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Noronha stands out in the diversity area, formed by 21 volcanic islands, is the main destination of many people when choosing your trip, tourists like varieties, and the island has to spare, let's agree that it is not one of the most popular Brazilian destinations. but it is money well spent.

The travel companies offer packages that help in a good budget when planning your trip to Fernando de Noronha, that is, without a doubt you should know it.

Choose seaside inns, they offer incredible trails to explore the hidden landscapes of the island.


7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

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Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, Maragogi attracts many tourists because of the walks to Welsh, which are natural pools with a great barrier reef. It is famous for being a quiet and familiar place, for you that seeks to have fun with your family, Maragogi is a great travel option, with a great diversity of tours.

Depending on the length of your stay at the hotel, I recommend that you get to know the beaches of Pernambuco, considered the most beautiful destinations in Brazil.


7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

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For you who do not like sea, sand, or heat, Gramado RS, is its destination of travel, for being a city of settlers, the varieties of rural products is very large, the climate is cool, and the city is very welcoming. Gramado is a community formed by three cultures; German, Italian and Portuguese.

Known as a "city of another world" because it has no traffic lights, and being an extremely organized city, the traffic there is usually very calm, it is a good travel option for you if you disconnect from work and connect with new cultures. If you live near Gramado, I suggest that you take a trip by car, the landscape is beautiful to see, besides knowing a little about Rio Grande do Sul.


7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

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If you like I love adventure, passengers get to the right destination. Located in Tocantins, Jalapão is rich in postcards, with diverse natural beauties, there is a huge diversity of places to visit, from rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, hills to climbing, to sand dunes.

The trails are usually long, so I recommend going in time to know everything that the place offers, usually tourists usually rent cars for the trails, preferably something powerful, since it is common cars to bog down on the dirt roads of the backlands.


7 Brazilian destinations that you need to know this year

(Photo courtesy Bank of Images - Depositphotos)

The name already says everything is not even, located in Mato Grosso, the city of Bonito has been conquering the tourists who pass through it, know those beautiful scenes of romance movies? Yes, Bonito has very similar places. If you are looking for a trip for two, Bonito will win you over, with unsurpassed sights, the small town is rich in scenery.

The Anhumas Abyss for example is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the city next to the Grotto of the Blue Lagoon, which is worth to know.


With its immense wealth, Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, because it contains several titles of Natural Wonders, I recommend that before you know places outside the country, know everything that Brazil has to offer,

Of course, our land has many incredible cities, more summarizing all these impressive places, we list 7 that really worth just to know.

I hope you like the tips.

O Tarobá hotel in Foz do Iguaçu gives you the pleasure of knowing one of these incredible destinations that is the Iguaçu Falls. Located in the center of Foz, the hotel 3 stars, is cozy and ideal for a family trip.

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