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7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

Brazil is a country rich in diversity and mainly culture, Brazil has some relics of the planet, such as the Amazon known with the lung of the world. Knowing Brazil goes far beyond visiting the main capitals, is to know every breathtaking detail of the country, considered the largest country in South America and the Latin American region, Brazil takes the title of 5 the world's largest in territorial area.

If you are Brazilian like me, my tip is to know every detail of this incredible country that is Brazil, to help you in this, I separated some travel tips in Brazil, to make it even easier, I listed 7 cheap destinations for you to know in 2019.

Come on?


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Known as the capital of adventure in Espirito Santo, Alfredo Chaves is still little explored by the residents of the region, the city puts everyone on the heights when standing out in activities driven by adrenaline. Beyond the Pedra do Gururu, 500 meters high, in the beautiful waterfalls or historical points, the region is perfect and full of leisure for travelers who love to explore Brazil.

Pedra do Gururu Despite not having an official ramp is one of the main attractions of the city, offering great terrain for free hang gliding and paragliding, ecological walks, climbing and mountaineering. But do not be fooled by Cachoeira is really high, and is only 5 km from the headquarters of Alfredo Chaves, where one of the most famous ramps in the country, which receive national and international free-flying or paragliding championships. They are 465 meters of altitude. It is from there that the circuit of the Valley of Adventure develops, perfect for practicing extreme sports, including climbing and kayaking. Adrenaline continues strong through neighboring municipalities. The Way of the Waters is another quiet, rural and well bucolic itinerary.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Among the beaches of Alagoas, Coruripe is considered one of the most paradisiacal beaches, and also with the most beautiful lagoons. The Pontal lighthouse is one of the main symbols of Coruripe and is present in the city logo. The city is also known for the beauty that attracts thousands of tourists, the most popular beaches are from Pontal do Coruripe, Miai de Baixo and Cima and the lows of Dom Rodrigues ideal for diving. The main lagoons are the Jequié, Escura, Guaxuma, Vermelha and Lagoa do Pau and rich spring. During most of the year, Coruripe is the feast of the Bom Jesus dos Navegantes and São Sebastião (January), Coco Festival (February), São José do Poxim (March), Political Emancipation (May), São Roque (August ) and the patroness of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (December).

Another important point of the city is the Coruripe Mill, recognized for the second consecutive year, with the most sustainable agribusiness company in the country, the Coruripe Mill is also recognized as one of the best companies to work in Brazil.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Ideal for you want to get out of the rut, let stress and day-to-day run from the side. One of the most famous destinations in southern Brazil is Cambará do Sul with all its exuberant nature, good gastronomy and a supersympathetic people, the city enchants all visitors. Knowing Cambará is a unique experience that brings peace, tranquility and harmony.

More things to do in Cambará do Sul?

Cambará do Sul is the territory of Fortaleza and Itaimbezinho canyons, considered the postcards of the city. But Cambará offers much more to its tourists.

Serra Geral National Park

The Serra Geral National Park with 17.300 area was created in 1992. Daily open, from 8h to 17h, with permanence up to 18h. Admission is free, with voluntary collaboration from visitors. Inside the park there are two trails, the one of the Waterfall of the Black Tiger or Stone of the Secret, and the trail of the Mirante.

The Lookout Trail - Fortaleza Canyon, with 1,5km extension, the lookout trail is very quiet and light. The highest point of the canyon which has 7,5km of extension, arrives until 900m of height. From this point, it is possible to have a panoramic view of the Fortaleza canyon, as well as part of the Santa Catarina plain and the gaucho coast in open days.

The trail of the Tigre Preto Waterfall and Pedra do Segredo offers a different view of the lookout. They are 800m from trail to the top of the waterfall, which forms after a slab. Crossing the slab, after an 250m, you come to the lookout, from where you have a view of the front of the waterfall, which has a drop of 400m.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Famous for being one of the main holiday destinations, Caldas Novas and its neighbor Rio Quente have long been one of the great destinations of the center-west of Brazil. Owning one of the largest hydrothermal resorts in the world, the region is source of warm natural waters and therapeutic properties that have increased local tourism.

Caldas Novas and Rio Quente Juntas, receive a large number of tourists all year long although small towns are their water sources, with temperatures ranging between 36 and 70 degrees, is the great cause of this success, after 5 minutes enjoying the dip in comfort of a warm pool without feeling like going out, you can understand why the place has become so pleasant for tourists.

families, seniors, couples and especially kids love the place. Caldas Novas and Rio Quente are destinations for different audiences, ideal for relaxing and having fun. The main attractions of the city are: water parks, hotels with hot pools and clubs.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Boiçucanga has become the main commercial and service center of the South Coast of São Sebastião, the place has many options of shopping, leisure, lodging, a subprefeitura, bank branch and emergency room.

Boiçucanga is known for the most spectacular sunset of the beaches of the North Coast. In the north corner of the beach where the Boiçucanga River flows, local fishermen are with their small boats, since they still live from fishing, maintaining the local tradition.

the Praia Brava de Boiçucanga is for those with adventurous spirit, an electrifying ride. Access is made by going up the hill trail or by the sea. The beaches have strong waves, usually frequented by experienced surfers.

Boiçucanga is 170km from the capital city of São Paulo, with easy access by the Rio-Santos highway, between the beaches of Maresias and Camburi. It is also very close to other beaches in the area that deserve to be visited: Barra do Una and Baleia Beach indicated for children, for having calmer waters.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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The most beautiful destination of the Serra Catarinense is Urubici, known for its many natural beauties, waterfalls, caves, canyons and mountains. The main attraction of Urubici is Morro da Igreja, considered the coldest place in Brazil.

Urubici is the main destination of the Serra Catarinense. It is part of a route that also includes, Lages, São Joaquim, Urupema and Bom Jardim da Serra, where is the great Serra do Rio do Rastro.

The town lies on a flat valley at 915 m altitude, surrounded by mountains, where are the most beautiful natural attractions such as the Church Hill, 1822 m altitude, in addition to the tourist spots already known, there are several others in private properties , not yet available for tourism.

When to go to Urubici

The place can be visited at any time of the year. For those who want to get cold, see frosts and possibly snow, should go in winter between June and August. At this time temperatures in the city reach -5 ° C and on top of the mountains even less.


7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Our beloved land of waterfalls could not be left out, considered one of the 7 wonders of nature, Iguazu Falls attract year-round visitors to the city of Foz do Iguaçu, for being a destination with great beneficial cost, tourists end up opting by Foz.

Cataratas is the second most visited attraction in Brazil, which increases the credibility of the city, Foz is undoubtedly a beautiful and welcoming city, since it covers a huge culture, with several distinct peoples, attracting even more the attention of the visitors.

Besides Iguazu Falls, it has many attractions, as well as the option to travel internationally to Argentina and Paraguay. The Triple Border is another highlight in Foz.

Things to do in Foz

waterfalls of Iguaçu

7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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The Iguaçu Falls is a set of about 275 water falls on the Iguaçu River, located between the Iguaçu National Park, is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, which can be visited on the Brazilian side or the Argentine side, miss the opportunity to know this monument of nature.

Bird Park

7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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Do not miss the opportunity to get to know the Bird Park, with approximately 1.400 birds and more than 150 species, the Park is an extra invitation to get to know the jungle better, besides the birds, there are other species of animals that increase even more the attraction that is worth It's just a matter of knowing.

Dreamland - Wax Museum

7 cheap brazilian destinations to meet in 2019

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The Dreamland Wax Museum is another amazing attraction of the city, which offers other 4 attractions: Super Cars, Wonders of the World, Valley of the Dinosaurs and Ice Bar.

If you are near, visit the museum, it will give you an incredible experience, ideal for a family outing.

Address: Av. Das Cataratas, 8100 - Vila Yolanda, Foz do Iguaçu

If you want to know more about the attractions of Foz do Iguaçu go to: Combo Iguassu Tourism and stay inside the promotional packages.