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4 tips of what you can do the night in Puerto Iguazu!

Visitors who pass through the Triple Frontier look for at least one thing in each country, in Brazil it is the Iguaçu National Park, where one of the 7 wonders of the world is the Iguassu Falls, in Paraguay are the purchases with a much lower value and in Argentina the staff is always looking to shop at Duty Free there in Puerto Iguazu! Although there are some tours of the Triple Frontier that you can not fail to do, we will indicate some tours to be done in Argentina if you decide to enjoy a bit of Puerto Iguazu that goes beyond the Duty Free Shop.

1 - Feirinha

It is impossible not to talk about the night in Argentina and not talk about the famous Feirinha of Puerto Iguazu that attracts not only the tourists, but also the residents of the border. The place is very simple and is a place that sell typical products of Argentina like alfajor, dulce de leche, cheeses. The fair can be considered a happy hour in the neighboring country, after all you can go there to have a beer, eat some snacks and empanadas while you talk and have fun with friends or family.

4 tips of what you can do the night in Puerto Iguazu!

2 - Iguazu Ice Bar

We can not stop talking about the ice bar that is in the middle of the subtropical forest! The Iguazu Ice Bar attracts visitors every day not only because of the low temperature of -10 ° C. The place has warm clothing for its customers, but being able to go to a "ballad" in an ice bar can be a unique experience, even more so if the cups and counters are made of ice and frozen structures.

4 tips of what you can do the night in Puerto Iguazu!

3 - The Quincho of Uncle Dear

A traditional Argentinean restaurant that offers visitors the famous chorizo ​​steaks, in addition to conquering the heart of many visitors passing through Puerto Iguazu, the restaurant also attracts Brazilians who are passionate about Argentine gastronomy. The place surprises everyone not only by the taste and quality of the food, but also for the cost benefit.

4 tips of what you can do the night in Puerto Iguazu!

4 - Brook Iguazu

To close the night in the brother country, we will indicate a ballad that is very well known here in the Triple Border and that attracts many young people of the region. In addition to playing various types of music, becoming a party for everyone and pleasing everyone with various musical genres. The atmosphere is pleasant and hectic for you who decide to go to Argentina to dance and enjoy your evening!

4 tips of what you can do the night in Puerto Iguazu!

Recalling that the Combo Iguassu Agency carries out the transport to Argentina so much to make purchases in Duty Free as to visit the fair, to try Argentine gastronomy. Just get in touch with them to make your tours with comfort and safety!

Another thing the Tarobá Hotel is a great place to stay, after all it is a very well located hotel in the center of Foz do Iguaçu which facilitates the way between the various tourist attractions of the city besides being near the Av. Brasil that is the center of Foz do Iguaçu which you can not miss!