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10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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Planning a vacation is a complicated activity, isn't it? But relax, to make your life easier, there are travel apps that serve you both on your trip to Foz do Iguaçu and any destination you go to in Brazil and abroad!

1 - TripAdvisor

Available for IOS and Android.

With the TripAdvisor app you can find multiple locations, with reviews and stars from users who have already visited the property!

These places include restaurants, malls, hotels, sights, etc. from all over the world!

There you will find many reviews, which can help you judge whether or not to go places, as the app has a filtering tool for rating by named rating!


Available for IOS and Android.

Another great app for locating establishments is AroundMe, which features restaurant, bar, coffee shop locations and more, also showing the location of gas stations, movie theaters, hospitals and banks. Which we think is very useful for you, as we don't always find these places easily.

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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Available for IOS and Android.

To find airline tickets in many destinations around, this is a right app! In addition to being able to check and book hotels or car rentals, it is more economical for you to better decide how to make your travel purchases!

In this app you can compare prices and even follow the situation of your flights.

More location apps:

  • Yelp: Good for those traveling in the US and Europe, using the user's location he finds many establishments nearby such as restaurants, bars and so on. Also having ratings and schedules of places.
  • Happy Cow: This app is made for those seeking a vegan and vegetarian food abroad, in countries like USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe and etc.



Available for IOS and Android.

A famous app here on our short list is Skyscanner, it is one of the darlings by users, precisely because it is one of the main app for search for airline tickets!

Bringing together dozens of airlines, plus some travel agencies, Skyscanner gives you a better view of price comparison, simple schedules and layovers that make a traveler's life easier!

Before you complete your purchase, it is very worthwhile to look at more choices you can make so as not to lose any economic advantage!

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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5- Google Tools:

In addition to being free the tools of google are very easy to use, because they are practical, they are a hand in the wheel for situations that we often find difficult!

  • Google translate / translator:

Nothing more efficient than having a translator of thousands of languages ​​for the time needed, Google Translate is an extremely useful free app for those who still have difficulty in some dialect and still need to communicate in it.

  • Google Maps:

Great for address viewing, and you can use GPS to know where and how to get to your destination!

  • Google Flyer / Flights:

Finally we have a simply perfect tool for those who need to find a good airline ticket comparison! Google Flights is designed for this, and you can see the dates of the cheapest tickets so you can make various price comparisons between available flights!

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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Available for IOS and Android.

Looking for an app to convert currencies? So you need XE that shows exchange rates from around the world and converts at prices from anywhere, so you find the place that would be the most cost effective in your conversation, and you can put up to 10 currencies of different nationalities for comparison.

Other apps that may be helpful:

Oanda: for currency conversations.

Exchange: app to find the lowest price on money exchange.

Travelers: Federal Revenue of Brazil app, which serves to clarify questions and doubts about taxes and declaration of luggage for those coming from abroad, and that in this app you can fill out the e-DBV form.

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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7-Pack Point:

Available for IOS and Android.

To help you pack your luggage and not forget anything Pack Point comes up on this list. This app gives you control of the activities you will do on the trip, and there you can put the days you travel, the destination, whether you are on a business or leisure trip.

So he makes a list of items you can not forget in your suitcase, helping you a lot in the travel checklist!

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Available for IOS and Android.

Want to have control of your expenses while traveling?

So put it all at the tip of the pencil with this app, which helps you sort out what you have, what you've spent, or how to split money between friends / family!

A very useful tool for those who want to realize how much they are spending and not get scared after the trip!

Bonus: Apps to make international calls to Brazil

1 Skype:

Available for IOS and Android.

For old MSN users, it has never been more important to have another way of making calls and video calls, besides being completely free Skype is easy to use nationally, Skype is good to use for international calls.

Simply enter your credit card details or PayPal to call the phones directly at low rates!

10 Travel apps for you to use during your tour!

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2. Whatsapp:

Available for IOS and Android.

The famous messaging app is also very useful for online calling, with calls between two users having the app installed, as well as video calling, messaging, videos, photos and stickers!

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