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07 shopping mall tips for shopping in Paraguay

That Ciudad del Este represents the third largest free trade zone in the world, we already know, but among so many shopping malls on the site, how to separate the best for shopping?

So, we separate below, a list with the best shopping malls for shopping in Paraguay, all of them located in Ciudad del Este. What to check?

01 - American House

The American House has been in the market for some time and offers products in the beverages, toys, crystals, appliances, electronics, sports, perfumes, fishing, porcelain, clock, towels, clothing and food court sectors.

The American House is a complete shopping mall and still has a great service. So, when you think about where to buy in Paraguay, it's worth having a look at the American House.

07 shopping mall tips for shopping in Paraguay American House

02 - Shopping China

China Shopping has been on the market for a long time. Currently, there are only three stores in Paraguay, one in Ciudad del Este (attached to Shopping Paris), one in Salto del Guairá and one in Pedro Juan Caballero.

Shopping China is considered to be the largest retail trade in the Americas, so much so that in 2013 and 2014 it received the award for best imported commercial in the world.

Shopping China serves in many industries, including electronics, home appliances, computers, fashion, perfumery, camping and fishing, and much more at very good prices. So when thinking about shopping in Paraguay, remember the diversity of products from Shopping China!

03 - Shopping Paris

Shopping Paris has more than twenty stores, among them is Apple, Versani and Class Fashion. In addition to the attractions such as Snow park, 3D Museum and Cinema Paris. Shopping Paris also offers parking, wi-fi, currency exchange, event hall, Spa and Hair, among others.

04 - Shopping Terra Nova

Shopping Terra Nova is aimed at the beauty sector, so if you work in this area and need to buy quality products and for a great price, you need to know Terra Nova. The company works with brands such as OMG, Kérastase, Kerasys, among others. In addition to make-up, perfume and kitchen products.

05 - Sax

If you are looking for decoration, fashion, gastronomy and luxury market, Sax is the right place. The company works with a huge variety of clothing and accessories from international brands with incredible quality. So if you're more of the sophisticated and conservative type, you'll like Sax.

07 shopping mall tips for shopping in Paraguay Sax

06 - Shopping Vendôme

If you are looking for jewelry, watches, shoes and wallets, the Vendôme Shopping is the right place. The mall offers world-renowned brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Piaget, among others. In addition to clothes of the mark Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren. It is worth checking!

07 - Shopping Monalisa

For more than forty years in the market, Shopping Monalisa is symbol of luxury and passion for beauty. Shopping Monalisa offers a huge range of world-renowned perfumes, high quality, as well as other product categories such as technology, fashion, sport, among others. So remember Shopping Monalisa when you think about where to buy in Paraguay!

07 shopping mall tips for shopping in Paraguay Shopping Monalisa

This was the list of the best shopping malls in Paraguay that we made for you. Therefore, whenever you think about where to buy in Paraguay, in Ciudad del Este, remember this list of Tarobá Hotel, the best located hotel in Foz do Iguaçu.

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